130-lb Wolfdogs That You Definitely Don’t Want to Hide From

A wolfdog is a hybrid of a wolf and a dog. These animals are incredibly beautiful which is why many people have started to be friendly with them recently. But how easy is it really to deal with these huge animals? Is it possible to live happily together under one roof?

FoxSumo has collected several facts for you about wolfdogs that may or may not talk you out of stopping to pet one…

1. If you get a wolfdog, all of your photos will look nice.

2. And all eyes will be on you and your pet.

3. Wolfdogs are very different both in their appearance and character.

4. Wolfdogs may look scary…

5. …but behind their formidable appearance, are 130 lb of tenderness!

So relaxed 😪

Bài viết do Luna&Oliver (@alaskan_wolfdog) chia sẻ vào

6. Wolfdogs like hugging, so be ready for it.

7. You won’t be able to hide from this tenderness even if you’re a tough manly man.

8. But you’d probably just give into the hugs. How can you say no to them?!

9. Every wolfdog tries to get into people’s arms.

10. These animals weigh 70-130 lb. Get physically ready for it!

11. It’s difficult for these wolfdogs to fight their natural instinct of biting, but they’re trying their best!

12. Wolfdogs are very communicative. They can’t bark, only howl. That’s why a dialogue between 2 wolfdogs might sound like a concert.

13. Owners of wolfdogs might have issues both with hearing and with their neighbors…

I love the ending…so sweet!

Bài viết do Luna&Oliver (@alaskan_wolfdog) chia sẻ vào

14. Some people think that leaving a kid with this animal is a bad idea. We don’t know if that’s true. They sure look sweet!

15. Some wolfdogs have the patience of angels.

16. They are incredibly clever and smart.

17. Wolfdogs like to walk, that’s why you’ll have to go outside with them no matter the weather. So be ready to get the body of your dreams!

18. Just like dogs, they like to gnaw on things. And very often this includes inedible objects like furniture…

19. They are not against cleaning out closets and fridges and making a mess. But how could you be mad at this face?

20. See, they’re so cute you’ll forgive them right away.

21. A wolfdog is always ready for something new and that’s why it will follow you wherever you go.

22. A one-day trip turns into a lot of fun with this kind of pet. Cool photos are guaranteed!

23. If you like adventures, you’ll love going cool places together.

What do you think about these unusual animals? Would you like to get one as a pet? Please share your opinion with us in the comments!

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