Top 9 Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

It is no surprise that Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destination is Thailand. The country is a balance of everything a traveler demands, from clear waters, green forests to markets alive with the local population and eccentric Buddhist temples. Thailand is all that and more. If you were to see every visit-worthy place in this land, it would probably take you months finishing your list. Therefore, we’ve made it easier for you. Here’s a breakdown of the best places to see in Thailand:

01. The Grand Palace

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

Built in 1782, The Grand Palace is the official abode for Thailand’s King. The complex was built as the new capital after the destruction of Ayutthaya. It consists of government offices, throne halls, incredible pieces of art and Buddhist temples. It will probably take you three hours to fully explore the site, but don’t forget to pay a visit to the Jade Buddha – it’s a must.

02. Railay Beach

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

Get a boat from Krabi Town and depart for the island of crystal water and white sand. The beach is not the only favorable thing about Railay Island. The Karst’s limestone peaks are a great spot for rock-climbing and elephant trekking. You can also go kayaking, snorkeling, and white-water rafting – all to tick off from your bucket list. If you’re just looking for a place to unwind, you can get personal massages and cooking lessons.

03. Ayutthaya Historical Park

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

What was once one of the largest cities in the world now remains as a historical park. It harbors many heritage attractions but the most popular has to be Wat Mahathat. Here you’ll get to photograph the famous head of a Buddha that lies in the trunk of a tree. A classic and historic city, Ayutthaya allows you to wander through some of the best forms of Thai art and architecture.

04. The Floating Market

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

A market adventurous enough to get you excited, the Damnoen Saduak lets you boat your way through your shopping list. The floating market is usually crowded with locals, either getting their grocery done or updating their wardrobe. For any tourist, it proves to be a memorable way of shopping for souvenirs and eating traditional foods. The market is about an hour’s drive away from Bangkok. Vendors sell almost everything from fresh produce to clothing items.

05. Phi Phi Islands

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

The most entertaining place at Koh Phi Phi has to be the monkey beach. Taking after it’s name, the beach inhabits monkeys that are ready to steal your foods and beverages. Another nice spot is the Long Beach, famous for it’s beautiful sunsets. Here, many tour operators offer an expedition to the Maya Bay – the set for Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, The Beach.

06. Had Rin’s Full Moon Party

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

If you love a wild party, then mark your calendar for the month’s night of a full moon. You can join this party at Koh Phangan Island, which is always bustling with tourists dancing barefoot to the loud music. As a Bonus, cheap ferry rides will also take you to nearby islands; Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

07. Koh Samui

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

Another location for those who love some aqua, Koh Samui offers some exciting water activities. You can go kayaking, snorkeling, and rafting but the best part is their fly-boarding. Get the thrill of plunging into the sky and flying through it while you’re attached to a watercraft.

08. Chiang Mai

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

Another full moon festival is the Loi – a festival of lights. The city of Chiang Mai holds a street party where each goer lights a lantern and lets it float through the sky. Photographers love the view of a sky filled with incense, candles and secret wishes.

The city of Chiang Mai or the “Rose of the North,” makes every bargain holders dream come true by hosting a Night Bazaar every evening. The walking street offers some enchanting food options, jewelry, accessories and DVD stalls. Sundays are considered the best nights for shopping as it brings out a mix of tourists as well as local residents. Get the right feel of the walled perimeters of Old Thailand.

09. Khon

Amazing Places to Visit in Exotic Thailand

Khon is a genre of dramatic dance in Thailand. Here dances taking inspiration from the Ramayana are performed that tell stories of religion and culture. Sequences show detailed choreography and dancers wear vibrant costumes and masks that appeal to the audience.

Hope we’ve made it easier for you to choose from a long list of places you wanted to cover in little time. Make sure to take enough pictures so you can create a scrapbook and brag to your friends. Safe travels!

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