Animals Show Us What Motherhood Is All About and We Can’t Help but See Ourselves in Them

Motherhood can be hard, but it remains to be the most rewarding job in the world — and moms from the animal kingdom know this well. Scientists say that the drive to care for infants, be it their own babies or adopted ones, seems to be universal among humans and many animals, no matter how difficult it may be.

We at FoxSumo have collected some striking pictures showing animal moms behaving much like humans do: feeding, teaching and protecting their children no matter the cost. Look through this list all the way to the end for your daily dose of cuteness!

1. This mama needs a nap.

2. When protecting your babies makes you look like an octopus:

3. Babies can be overwhelming at times.

4. These kittens look a bit different but she loves them nonetheless.

5. A hen taking care of kittens during a storm

6. When only 1 kid takes after their dad:

7. Having 11 kids can be rough!

8. This yellow baboon adopted a bush baby.

9. A young, happy family in love

10. Nothing is more comfortable than a mommy’s tail.

11. Mommy and daddy cats with their kittens

12. When a mother duck isn’t really a duck:

13. Babies remain babies no matter their size.

14. Who can tell that these babies were adopted?

15. “My cat recently had kittens — her face is priceless.”

16. “When your adopted brother is really big but Mom doesn’t mind.”

Which picture impressed you the most and reminded you of yourself or somebody you know? Have any of your pets become a mom recently? Share your photos, opinions, and impressions in the comments!

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