14 Awesome Places That Look Even More Dazzling in Winters

Winter is that wonderful time of the year when there’s just something magical about the air. There are festivals, gifts, holidays, food and of course, the surreal snow. The landscape is enigmatically transformed and wrapped into a hypnotic white hue. Some places automatically become more gorgeous in winters than the rest of the year. They sort of acquire a new persona or seasonal makeover as the leaves of fall make way for snowy terrains. And snow spells festival, joy and splendor. So, where should you head come winters. We’ve got your back there. Here are 14 most amazing places that look even prettier in winter.

01. Bavaria, Germany


Bavaria has everything one needs for an ideal winter break. The bonus – it has got loads of family friendly attractions that will keep your little ones on their toes. For starters, there is skiing action for all levels. Then there are a multitude of other sporting events. Hey, flaunt your prowess at snowboarding (or take lessons if you are keen on acquiring some snowboarding mojo) and enjoy watching dog sledge activities.

02. Surgut, Russia


Surgut lies in far northern end of Russia, and this is where you can experience perfect winters (with temperatures going below zero degrees Celsius). Frost seekers can find it everywhere here, plus there are tons of recreational activities. Don’t miss visiting the hub of all winter recreational fun – Kamenny Mys.

03. Hallstatt, Austria


The wondrous winter land of Hallstatt in Austria has to be seen to be believed. It has gorgeous snow sprinkled mountains, glistening lakes and lots of recreational adventures. You can go skiing or snowboarding or ice-diving. If that doesn’t seem like your cup of tree, how about some good, old-fashioned winter hiking or horse drawn sleighs.

04. Boreal Rainforest, Norway

The lowest winter temperature in the North hemisphere is ex

Boreal Rainforestperienced at Boreal Rainforest, which makes it a tried and tested winter hotspot. Explore the city during snowstorm filled winters. Opt for hot spring pampering, hiking, scuba diving and canoeing. Don’t skip a visit to the White Shell Provincial Park (features a bunch of neat walking trails).

05. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the reasons why winters are so fabulous in Slovenia. The place looks alluringly beautiful during winters, which will almost make you want to tuck yourself in a warmer. Experience Bled’s icy-chilly vibes by walking around the lake, taking pictures around Bled’s tourist spots and visiting the iconic Church of Assumption (while also exploring mighty snow mountains resting in the backdrop of the church).

06. Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is resplendent in winters because it is home of the indescribably beautiful Moraine Lake, which is located 15 kilometers from the popular Lake Louise. You can view the heady snow valley vistas reflected the Crystal waters and enjoy a plethora of recreational activities. There’s downhill skiing, dog sledding, tubing, cross country skiing and snowboarding. If these seem too fast-paced for you, relax at the Deer Lodge or Emerald Lake Lodge. Alternatively, go hot-tub hopping for much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

07. Hamnoy, Norway


This is the Instagram perfect backdrop you are seeking for your winter vacation pictures. The winters aren’t very harsh, while the landscape is irresistibly beautiful. A tiny island located in Lofoten, Hamnoy is great for outdoor camping. If you prefer a slightly warmer ambiance, hire a wooden cabin.

08. Tadami River, Japan

Tadami River

Tadami is encircled by striking mountains, pristine lakes, verdant green mountains and an unspoilt, natural landscape. Then there are rivers and incessant winter showers, which are so hard to resist. Go Snow skating at Aizu or play snow ball hurling, the magic of winters never ceases to cast it spell on you. For those considering more relaxed experiences, relish the picturesque beauty of Tadami Lake.

09. Col de la Tourne, Switzerland

Col de la Tourne

Col de la Torune, Switzerland is central Europe’s hottest destination and home to several tiny village pockets. The Swiss Alps are at their gloriest best during winters when the entire region assumes snowy blankets. La Torune is a lofty mountain pass, tucked into Jura Mountains that are 14.6 kilometers in length. Go hiking or skiing in the mountainous region, while you enjoy some much needed mountain climbing, and nature exploring. There are lots of places to explore in and around the region.

10. Manali, India


India isn’t known to be a winter destination; however some parts of north India are beautiful exceptions. One such destination is Manali, which is popular for lots of consistent snowfall and the famous Rohtang Pass trekking. Winters are when visitors can enjoy skiing, snow ball hurling, snow-moiling and snowboarding. If the shopping bug strikes, simply head to Mall Road, where you can pick up a bunch of souvenirs, cap, shawls, footwear and other traditional winter accessories. Don’t forget to don the traditional Himachali costume and get clicked.

11. Val Di Martello, Italy

Val Di Martello

Italy has some strikingly gorgeous mountains that make for a splendid winter fairyland. Martello tops the list as it features easy access to the Stelvio National Park. Go on an action-packed adventure trail until Val di Per, and indulge in a bit of cross-country skiing or ascending the region’s frozen valleys (thrilling indeed!) to be rewarded with magnificent waterfall views.

12. Ladakh, India


While India is a predominantly year-round warm and tropical destination, Ladakh is dons a lovely, snowy garb in winters. Hike through the BongBong snow valley to get the feeling of walking in the ice age. Experience frozen valleys, gushing rivers and lush mountains in and around the region. How about some exploring and fun on the banks of the iconic Pangong frozen lakes? Or tucking into hot chole baturas or instant noodles sold by food cart vendors here?

13. River Shannon, Ireland

River Shannon

How can we not talk about Ireland and winters in the same breath? The sparkling Irish rivers are among the best in the world during winters. River Shannon is an attraction worth witnessing for cruising (Shannon is the largest cruising river in the country, sightseeing and other enjoyable activities. Visitors can board boats from any major point to enjoy a fun-filled winter cruise.

14. Aramil, Russia


It is similar to walking into a movie set or a story book- Aramil is so visually stunning. Every winter vacation buff must experience the destination to get an up, close and personal experience of Russia’s famed, snowy winters (yes, the location helps!). Go skiing or visit the popular Aramil pond. Take pictures at chic looking armored vehicles, witness snow capped lakes and enjoy leisurely, relaxing trails.

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