Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Where do you find the best relaxation or most action on the beach? We have found the 10 most fascinating places to you. With a unique charm lures Baltic and North Sea tourists to its many beautiful beaches, but also to the many beautiful lakes Germany offers.

01. Sylt

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

The northernmost island of Germany is also called “Queen of the North Sea”, probably because of the island’s fascinating variety of landscapes – in the eastern part of Sylt you will find the Wadden Sea and in the West prefer the North Sea with its beautiful beaches. You can find almost 40 km of fine sandy beach on the west coast of the island, so there is plenty of room for sun worshipers. The wide beach at Wenningstedt is ideal for families and the exotic sounding beaches “Samoa” and “Sansibar” offers soft white sand. Do not miss the beautiful sunset at the “Rote Kliff” (red cliff) near to battle!

02. Bay of Lübeck

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Bay of Lübeck offers a handful of beautiful beaches, such as Timmendorfer Strand, Scharbeutz beach and the more northern Grömitz beach (which is close to the dune beach at Dhame). The south beach at Pelzerhaken (as can be seen in the picture above) offers fine sand and is usually not crowded by people – plus you have the sun all day! If you will not only relax on the beach, there is ample opportunity to explore the phenomenon that offers several lighthouse and pier in Scharbeutz that invites to a walk in the sun. If you love fish for lunch, do not forget to visit the fishing town of Sierksdorf.

03. Usedom

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Usedom offers a 45 km long coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches and small coves. Among the popular seaside hotels, you will find “Drei Kaiserbäder” Bernsteinbäder and Ostseebäder. Zempin – which houses one of the four Bernsteinbäder – is the smallest seaside resort of Usedom, which is ideal for travelers who want to stay a little more secluded. In this area you will always find a quiet place. Usedom offers a variety of activities for every type of holiday: from horse riding and cycling, to spas and culinary highlights.

04. St. Peter-Ording

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Thanks to a sulfur source, St. Peter-Ording acquired exclusive title “North Sea health spa and sulfur source”. The 12 km long beach is extremely flat, which means that you have to go far to get out of the water when the tide is low. The beach is very popular (also among kite surfers) and you can park your car right by the beach, which is quite unusual in Germany. If you fancy a quieter place to relax in the sun, you can find several places away from the main bathing areas. This beach is very special, and certainly worth a visit.

05. Amrum

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

The island Amrum in the North Sea (just south of Sylt) is the tenth largest island in Germany and on the east coast you can also visit the Wadden Sea. On the west side of the island you will find “Kniepsand” – a ten square kilometers wide sand bar that blends with Amrums many dunes. This combination of natural rarities makes the island unique.

06. Hiddensee

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Hiddensee is only 17 square kilometers and completely car-free, so you have to leave your car at the port or on one of the guarded parking and continue on foot, bicycle, on horseback or with “Bimmelbahn” which is a small train on wheels with a bell that warns passersby to come train. The western coast of the island is basically one long sandy beach, surrounded by dunes. The areas around Vitte, Kloster and Neuendorf has lifeguards and cleaned regularly, which makes them very popular. The beach next to Vitte is typically populated by families because there is shallow. If you’re looking for a place to nude bathing, are also in this area.

07. Juist

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Juist is one of the seven inhabited East Frisian Islands and is also known to be one of the most beautiful islands in northern Germany. This means that there are many picturesque beaches. The island is about 17 km long and offers an equally long white sand beach, which is fully accessible and perfect for long walks. Driving is not permitted on Juist, so about 100 horses stand for the island’s transport, making the holiday a very relaxed and laid-back experience!

08. Rügen

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

On this island you almost have the beach in front of you right where you are. Germany’s largest island, Rügen, offers about 60 km of beaches, amazing national parks, popular seaside resorts and idyllic places. Check Binz out which is the largest of its kind on Ruegen. In the picture above you can see the limestone cliff that is one of the most impressive sights of the island – on top you can find the ancient beech forests which is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Below you can find impressive beaches. With an average of 1800 hours of sunshine per year, is Rügen the sunniest region in Germany – and in May you can expect temperatures up to 30 degrees!

09. Rostock

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

Baltic Sea beaches at Rostock are also a must- see: Warnemunder beach is up to 80 meters wide and offers the finest sand. In the seaside resort of Graal-Müritz you can relax in a healthy mix of sea and forest air, making it the perfect place to recharge flat batteries. In the spring you can participates rhododendron park festival and be amazed by the flowers that bathe the park in a game of colors!

10. Lake Constance & Chiemsee

Most Beautiful Beaches In Germany

But enough about the ocean: You do not always sea for a nice beach. Germany offers many beautiful lakes. Chiemsee, also called the “Bavarian sea” and Lake Constance are just two of the many beautiful lakes that attract lots of people on sunny days.

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