23 Cats Who Committed “Awful” Crimes and Were Hilariously Shamed for It

Did you know that in the U.S. there are cat shelters that help regulate the population of rats and manage diseases carried by them? While housing a cat is a good thing to do, most people’s homes have a cat who gives their owners a bit of a hard time. But it’s quite funny, to be honest.

We at FoxSumo love cats as much as any other animal, but we have to admit — nobody can be as mischievous as those furry babies.

01. The mastermind

02. This should be on their CV

03. Can you blame a cat who just loves collections?

04. You sure his name isn’t Sheldon?

05. No rest for the wicked…

06. Shoe designer in the house!

07. He looks like chicken and loves chicken.

08. Even Dotty can snap.

09. Resting killer face

10. When pictures talk:

11. We don’t know who seems madder…

12. And just “hang out” apparently…

13. Santa’s little anti-helper

14. Here’s the deal — if you don’t like it, sit on it.

15. “Albus, you gotta shape up, dude.”

16. Team goals

17. Kitchen apprentice

18. Go play outside.

19. “It’s just a great pillow!”

20. And it does, baby.

21. It’s a condition.

22. If the name fits…

23. Body shamers!

Which of these crimes had you in tears with laughter? Be sure to leave a comment for us in the comment section below!

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