Everyone Has Heard That Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend but We’ve Got Solid Proof of It

Although our fondness of our little furry friends can be explained by science, sometimes when you look at them, they’re so cute it’s overwhelming, which can only be explained by doggy magic.

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, we at FoxSumo are sure you’ll find a lot of joy and fun in the following pictures.

01. “I am Groot.”

02. Spot the odd one…

03. Todd saw his owner almost get bit by a snake and intervened. Todd is making a speedy recovery. Well wishes for Todd!

04. “At 24 weeks it finally clicked for my dog that I am pregnant. This is her standing guard while I pee so nothing can get to me.”

05. Cat hat

06. Pure happiness after seeing a friend!

07. “This is Victor, the most handsome guest at my friend’s wedding.”

08. “My daughter volunteering at our local shelter, helping to feed the puppies”

09. “My dogs just love each other too much…or they’re just that stupid!”

10. “Our furbabies posing for a Christmas photo”

11. “He failed as a guide dog after being too friendly. But now he is a disability support dog and my newest best friend!”

12. Blanket boy

13. When your blind dog begs for food:

14. “My coworker’s dog after he realized it was his cake.”

15. This dog has a quest for you…

16. “We left our dog Bruno with our sister-in-law while we went on vacation. I guess someone is having a better time than we are!”

17. “Wife sent this after picking up our dog from surgery today. Says he’s ’still under the influence’.”

18. When it’s cold, but you have some good boys around you:

19. “I took Toby canoeing.”

20. Bruno’s first snowball!

21. Yawn, interrupted

22. “Let me pose for you, hooman.”

23. The true meaning of a cup-sized dog:

We’re pretty sure these pictures turned your heart into a target and hit the bull’s-eye! Are we right? Be sure to share this and your other thoughts on the topic in the comments below!

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