Top 10 Dream Beaches in the USA

Would you like summer, sun and swimming? Here are 10 dream beaches in the United States waiting for you. It is time to leave the concrete jungle and city noise, time to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun and views. We have found the 10 most “dreamy” beaches in the USA for you!

01. North Shore – Oahu, Hawaii

Dream Beaches in the USA

When you close your eyes and dream and Paradise, then pops probably one frame reminiscent of the North Shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii. The small island is a real dream for surfers with rather amazing tunnel waves roll onto the beach. Best of the North Shore is for all those who want a bit remote – beaches here stretching endless, and it is absolutely possible to find an undisturbed place to relax. Out of all the beautiful beaches on Hawaii’s Oahu is a special jewel.

02. Cannon Beach – Clatsop County, Oregon

Dream Beaches in the USA

Exactly 90 minutes car driving from Portland, is one of the most marvelous places, right by green lush forests, you will find namely dreamlike sand beaches. Cannon Beach is known for its many resorts and cure sites, but it’s great for anyone to feel this small-town atmosphere that is here. The sand is so fine that it can be used in the hourglass, and the waves of the Pacific states tune in towards the coast, and the nearby forests provide even more peace and quiet.

03. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dream Beaches in the USA

Fort Lauderdale is still among the top travel destinations, whether it is for couples or families – or all! Here are mighty dunes and numerous activities such as jet skis; it makes this Atlantic coastal gem for a super resort. Will you lust for snacks or some souvenirs, and then it’s just an early escape to the nearby A1A.

04. Siesta Key Beach – Siesta Key, Florida – via Sarasota

Dream Beaches in the USA

Just a quick hop away from Sarasota, there is Siesta Key beach. The Gulf of Mexico is the water you dip your toes in here, and the sand is as soft as icing sugar. Here children can build castles and other masterpieces in the fine sand. It is a perfect place to dive with snorkel for underwater you will find the most beautiful corals and other fascinating sea phenomena.

05. Cape Cod – Massachusetts, via Boston

Dream Beaches in the USA

The bay of Cape Cod is shaped by a glacier that retreated – something one might just have to thank Mother Nature for that glacier did in just a way that shaped Cape Cod. This wonderful place has always been loved by Washington’s political elite and is suitable for wonderful cycling tours both day and evening, a nice relaxing thing. If you are lucky you may even spot the famous whales here at the coast.

06. South Beach – Miami Beach, Florida

Dream Beaches in the USA

When you both have sea views and overlooking beautiful bathers – then you should to South Beach in Miami, because here you will find both. Most guests at the beach there to be SET – here is beach lions and lionesses. Here there soldyrkeri day and great feasts in the evening. The nightlife of South Beach is colorful, vibrant and legendary.

07. Laguna Beach – Los Angeles, California

Dream Beaches in the USA

South of Los Angeles waits incredible beaches – ready to explore from. Pacific itself is beautiful, but with all the little coves and dunes Laguna Beach perfect as his own little paradise. The best place all along this beautiful beach is perhaps 1.000 Steps beach, which you can surreptitiously sneak away, and really hide from the world swarm.

08. Outer Banks – Outer Banks, North Carolina

Dream Beaches in the USA

North Carolina’s coast is beloved because it offers beach to beach to beach, all with their own characteristics. Some sites are perfect for surfers, other places; the water is quiet enough that you can have fun with his family. Another plus: Unlike many other tourist favorites can actually spend their holiday here without being crowded with touristic initiatives, and to enjoy the coast and have plenty of natural images without too much monkey business.

09. Sand Beach – Acadia National Park, via Portland, Maine

Dream Beaches in the USA

Beaches must first and foremost be good to sunbathe on – and here you have one that is perfect for it. Sand Beach in Acadia National Park in Maine offers an incredibly relaxing atmosphere – and yet the opportunities to be active. These wild waters of the North-Atlantic. ocean, bays along idyllic beaches and granite mountains like Mount Desert Island – and always offers good opportunities for a dip in the water. Here is also the possibility of good walks, here’s scenic parks and many fine oases to relax in.

10. Hilton Head – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Dream Beaches in the USA

Anyone looking for an unblemished beach to sunbathe, but also want some luxury into the middle, you’re on exactly the right track on Hilton Head. Here is a selection of activities both offers various beach-related things that can satisfy even the most discerning holidaymaker. Golf lovers can choose between 26 different tracks and gourmet lovers and exclusive shoppers also have plenty of golden opportunities to have a fantastic stay here.

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