The Most Amazing Family Vacation Destinations in Europe

From touring Rome’s Colosseum to witnessing the one of its kind London’s Eye to catching the soccer fever in Madrid, Europe is full of possibilities. It has something for every age group and interest. There are a multitude of family friendly attractions and reasonably priced accommodation options. Here plenty of spots in Europe that are perfect for your next trip with the entire brood in tow. Its superb mix covering a multitude of interests, adventures and experiences that are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. These are all complete destinations – that offer a wholesome range of activities and experiences. It isn’t exclusively meant for any one group or class of holiday makers. The destinations are diverse and cater to several interests, while staying rooted to their true character.

01. Copenhagen, Denmark


While the rest of Europe prides in its haute cuisine and couture, this ‘happiest place on earth’ has taken sophisticated comfort to another level with its concept of hygge. From warm and generous meals portions to an exceptionally fine quality of life to Danish pastries, you’ll have little to wince about here. Take a tour of the charming Inner City region on a bike or shop for antiques neat Stroget or take you little ones to the Tivoli Gardens to witness the Little Mermaid. Slow everything down and savor the experience, Danish hygge style!

02. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Don’t go by Amsterdam’s nefarious discussions about being everything Red Light District. The city is more than just a completely unorthodox hub for people of all tastes and preferences. It is just the tip of the iceberg of an otherwise thriving Euro land known for its endearing canals, shopping districts, excellent restaurants and cycling paths. Hop on a bicycle and explore the old historic streets of Amsterdam or get yourself clicked in the middle of a Tulip field. Kids can take plenty of excursion tours, while art lovers can spend time exploring Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces. Go for a round of picnicking and lazing around at Vondelpark.

03. London, England


There’s no possibility of a dull moment in London. No sir! The city has everything that can be offered in terms in dining, shopping, culture and lots of sightseeing. From shopping on Oxford Street to tucking into hearty portions of fish and chips to enjoying a family day out at Madame Tussauds, there’s a lot to do and see here for the family vacations crowd. How about a historic tour of the iconic Tower of London and watching Shakespeare’s sonnets being performed by new-age actors? London has the unrelenting to keep you guessing, what next? Enjoy a picnic at one of London’s numerous parks.

04. Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is charmingly historic and surprisingly untamed all the same. This split personality gives the city a delightful character that is evident in everything from its picturesque trails to the fairy tale like Park Guell to the pleasant alleyways of Barri Gotic. There are beach clubs, churches and several architectural masterpieces. The harbor side city is buzzing with cosmopolitan energy reverberating in its street markets, restaurants and pubs. Don’t forget to visit La Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila.

05. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague boasts of fine culture, vibrant historic structures, an illustrious past and a fascinating downtown area. Its ‘straight out a storybook’ churches, cobbled streets and hilltop castles create a picture of city that will seldom disappoint visitors. Add to this the statue-fringed bridges and you have a modern fairy tale in the making. Today, Prague is one of the hottest European family destinations for its value for money and a multitude of attractions, including the iconic Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The city almost looks like it has leapt out of a fairy tale, with its vibrant structures.

06. Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is a charming melting pot of cultures. Sample native Irish culture and a bunch of irresistible global influences that make Dublin unique. Drawing immigrant population from around the world, it’s little wonder that the culinary scene here is so thriving and varied. Dublin has long held its fine taste for literature, native performing arts and local folklore. Plan a trip around St. Patrick’s Day to witness the best of the city when it showcases a fine penchant for festivities complete with endless street parties vibrant parades. Did we mention helping yourselves to generous helpings of Irish coffee or Irish cream?

07. Innsbruck, Austria


With Salzburg and Vienna stealing its thunder, Innsbruck has surprisingly emerged as one of the Austria’s most happening family vacation destinations. Don’t drop this stunning winter wonderland from your travel itinerary, especially if you are a ski loving clan. Winter junkies throng here for the fresh snow and quaint charm. If the Austrian Alps don’t do the trick for you in winters, it’ll sure melt your heart in post card perfect summers. Nestled on the banks of Inn River, Innsbruck makes for a memorable family vacation destination.

08. Rome, Italy


The seven hills Italian Capital has an undeniably illustrious history and culture that paves the way for an unforgettable family vacation. From witnessing the world famous Colosseum to eating an authentic slice of pizza to enjoying a cup of coffee on the buzzing Piazza Navona, there’s a lot to keep you on your toes here. Then there are innumerable churches, art galleries, Vatican Museums, futuristic restaurants and designer stores. Did we mention the mouth-wateringly delicious gelato? As they say, when in Rome, do what the Romans do.

09. Berlin, Germany


Germany is as proud of Berlin as the United States is of New York or France is about Paris. The metropolis is the hub of German cultural Renaissance that is replete with art, food, nightlife and fashion. The eclectic city has moved on from its gloomy past and embraced an attitude of progression. Visit one of the city’s memorials or go on a museum hopping tour or people watch at one of Berlin’s myriad old-worldly style cafes. Don’t forget to dance away your blues in a swish nightclub. Of course, there are plenty of museums and historic places to keep your children enthralled and intrigued.

10. Zurich, Switzerland


Clean, charming cobblestoned streets, artisan chocolates, medieval churches, delicious grilled sausages, skiing on the Swiss Alps – what’s not to like about Switzerland? We haven’t even started with the home grown wines, grand shopping districts, breathtaking visuals and the picturesque Lake Zurich. Spend some time exploring the tiny cafes and boutiques of Zurich, while you tuck into an authentic meal comprising meat, potatoes, butter, cream and vegetables. Lots of art galleries and museums are sprinkled around the city.

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