13 of Europe’s Most Romantic Cities

Spring or winter, Valentine Day or not, Provence or Tuscany – then a city break in a romantic city always great. Embark on a tour through Europe’s most beautiful cities and get ideas for romantic city break; cozy setting, lovely restaurants and interesting sights.

01. Siena, via Florence, Italy

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

With its marble and gold shimmering Roman cathedral, towering bell tower and bustling Piazza del Camp, a visit to this picturesque town is like traveling back to the Italian Renaissance. Plan to get lost in the tangle of small the winding streets, taste original Tuscan delicacies, and watch the evening sun fall on the medieval architecture. If you are lucky you are in Siena during the Palio, a horse race that has been settled here since time immemorial. Festivals, celebrations and common meals, are highlight of the annual event in here. The Tuscan scenery around Siena is the perfect film set for romance, and here offered many day trips out into the beautiful countryside.

02. Lucerne, Switzerland

(via Zurich, from 60 min. with train)

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Despite its reputation for being halvdyr so loves travelers this Swiss city. Lucerne is intimate and yet scenic, with a great location on the edge of the beautiful Lake Lucerne, with views of the mountains Pilatus and Rigi. Take a cable car to the top of Mount Pilatus, and watch a spectacular hand in hand. Take the incredible bjergtogbane back down, back through the forest. The world-famous Lucerne mountain train – the world’s first and steepest mountain train, Pilate course, and climbs actually on the mountain walls. See also “Luzern jewel”, namely Kapellbrucke, a unique wooden bridge from the 13th century, decorated with art from many eras.

03. Aix-en-Provence, France

(via Marseilles, from 30 min. with train)

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Aix-en-Provence is a beautiful and romantic city, with some of the most charming details throughout France. Think quiet, cobbled streets shaded by rows of plane trees, while the smell of the surrounding lavender perfumes the air. Provence is the inspiration for a number of classic works of art, and remains a region which is beloved by artists. Aix-en-Provence is the essence of this and of the Provence, we recommend strolling around town, visiting markets and buy fresh olive oil, sipping wine and coffee at the cafes … and maybe rent a car or bike and take a trip in this cinematic beautiful area. Taste of Provence during a nice dinner, for example, at L ‘Esprit de la Violette, located in a Provencal villa like property, with garden. Price level from 200-1000 kr, while at the little secret restaurant pearl Le 18 can eat good food for ml. 100-200 kr. Le 18 has no website, but lots of good reviews. The address is 8 Rue Boulegon, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France.

04. Granada, Spain

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Antique Alhambra, the narrow Moorish streets, tombs, churches, and a great tangle of culture from several dominions, everything you will find in Granada, must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world; the city is just off the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and even where the two rivers Darro and Gentil meet. The twisting streets, big squares and huge mansion villas – added a wealth of both Spanish and Moorish decorated houses, means that Granada is amazing to see. Take a historical guided tour, otherwise when you do not get an overview of this office tumultuous history.

But Granada is not track dust – here is like a large street art movement that puts surreal street paintings on top of all the ancient artistic impression. Eat gourmet food from acclaimed La Fabula, Restaurante La Fabula – Hotel Villa Oniria, C / San Antón, 28, 18005 Granada, or chill out with a delicious paella, wine, drinks and live music at La Paralla Paella Bar & live music.

05. St. Petersburg, Russia

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

St. Petersburg has quite a surreal beauty that is especially prevalent in the colder months, and spring. The town’s fairytale architecture represents extra sharp when the mint-tea green Winter Palace, and the multi-striped glittering onion domes of “The Church of Our Savior’s Blood”, contrasts with either snow or bright blue spring sky – both places are a must visit now you is in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Please also visit the Mariinsky II Theater, which seats 2,000 theater-goers. And spend some time at local curiosities: Two minutes walk from the Mariinsky find Vincent, where you can eat warm octopus salad, or you can enjoy cheese-filled bread at the nearby Harcho. Or how about a trip to Vasilievsky, west of the city center, the place is home to Restoran, known for its vodka and pelmeni, Siberian dumplings, filled with elk. Restoran only on Russian website but is a host of good reviews. The address is Tamozhenny per 2, St. Petersburg. Want to sleep like a Tsar, then spend the night in one of the restored rooms at the new Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace (doubles from about 2400 kr), a large yellow mansion is guarded by marble lions.

06. Salzburg, Austria

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Salzburg is known for being a city that sparkles and is beautifully situated on the torrential river Salzach, with a Cinderella castle above the city – and with peaks as a backdrop. And then of course known as the backdrop to classic Sound of Music – did you know Von Trapp familen from the movie actually existed in reality? See Villa Trapp, where the family lived and hear the real story about the family. In fact, you can even stay in Villa Trapp, when parts of the property today’s hotel.

All is not history in Salzburg, visit Museum der Moderne, which offers first-class exhibitions of contemporary art, and also includes gourmet restaurant M32. Visit the magazine, a flagship of Salzburg food universe – here the chef Chef Richard Brunnauer arranged a deli, liquor store and restaurant – and you can even get cooking lessons.

There is nothing more romantic than to see the castle towering over the city illuminated at night – a sight that will make you sigh and admire it with that special someone.

07. Barcelona, Spain

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

It’s hard not to feel love in a city where summer never ends, and all are warm hearted. Gothic buildings stand next to modern art (you cannot fail to see Gaudi’s incredible mosaics that decorate the entire city), and there are miles of pristine shoreline to stroll together, into the sunset.

The legendary unfinished Sagrada Familia be visited – and your entrance ticket (€ 15) actually goes directly to finish the construction of this masterpiece. A perfect idea.

Also visit Gaudi House Museum, and be aware that you can buy a single ticket for these two sites. Visit the fascinating Picasso Museum, and after all this culture, it’s time for a nice dinner – it will find in the great cozy little restaurant jewel La Vinateria del Call, which is flashing in the old and beautiful Jewish neighborhood in Barcelona. Warm colors, light and delicious Spanish dishes await.

8. Venice, Italy

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Casanova himself has hailed this city with its serene canals and narrow, cobbled streets, perfect to explore with your amore. Islands around the town boast beautiful adventure, and especially Giudecca provides unsurpassed views of the lagoon, Pizza San Marco and the Doge Palace. Venice’s romance should almost be experienced on a gondola ride, although they can be a little pricey, or enjoy the atmosphere while you sit in St. Mark’s Square and small orchestras playing soulful songs while the evening sky tones roda. If you want the wallet tested stay at the Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel: one among the top 50 hotels in the world and recently renovated. Here you will find silk wall coverings, antique lamps, and breakfast served on the terrace right on the Grand Canal. If your budget is not the silk wallpaper, so there are plenty of hotels in Venice in all price ranges.

09. Fes, Morocco

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Yes. okay, Morocco in Europe is not entirely true, but Fez is so beautiful that we sneak it in here. Fez is often somewhat overshadowed by Marrakesh its fashionable neighbors to the south, but medieval Fez is the real soul of Morocco and as the new boutique hotels opening in the beautifully restored riads and -dars-, then Fez quietly by coming into its own.

Try the incredible Riad Laaroussa, the hotel is housed in a palace from the 17th century, and double rooms available from about 800 kr including breakfast). Riad Laaroussa has seven suites with mosaic floors and antique Fassi furniture, all overlooking an idyllic courtyard with fragrant orange trees. At Dar Roumana (double room from 675 kr, including breakfast), a centuries old manor house situated on a hillside, you can take Moroccan cooking lessons.

The restaurant at Riad Ibn Battouta (dinner for two 600 kr) serves traditional dishes, such as lamb tagine and lækkeriere served on a marble roof terrace, complete with glass dome. Within the city’s crumbling walls, filling the 30,000 street vendors town, artisans and craftsmen who peddled everything from exquisite tiles to hand-worked leather. If YOU are in search of a traditional Berber carpet, so drop Coin Berbère.

At Arganza find accumulated shelves of argan oil – the oil is derived from a tree known as “The Moroccan Liquid Gold” – and is known for its ability to reduce wrinkles.

10. Brugge, Belgium

(via Brussels, from 55 min. with train)

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Being known among channel-lovers as a Flemish version of Venice, then this beautiful metropolis is much undervalued. But take a walk along the canal at the Groene Rei, with the trees that stands beautifully on both sides, or at Dijver, passing by the church Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk, which means Our Lady. Every time you turn a corner on these stone-lined streets, you meet incredible and perfectly preserved medieval architecture – the bargain is here museums filled with centuries of Belgian art that counts fine works. Neither underestimate nor the seductive power of the smell of freshly made waffles can be – added a sprinkling of icing sugar.

11. Rome, Italy

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Rome is said to be founded 2,700 years ago, but the Eternal City continues to woo travelers from around the world. Evenings in Rome created to stroll hand in hand and remember why you fell in love. Visit the Trevi fountain and wish for eternal love – or visit other of Rome’s more than 2,000 exquisite fountains. Piazza is a big part of beautiful Rome’s impressive architecture, history and lifestyle. It’s nice to ride a bike in Rome, and one can on his rental bike drive past highlights such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain.

One of Rome’s very well-kept secrets are tunnels that are hundreds of kilometers long, from Rome’s famous Via Appia they go under St. Callistus and Appia Antica, and under St. Peter’s Basilica. Be scolded while dining at the legendary restaurant Cencio La Parolaccia in Rome.

The waiters are rude and complain in a completely unreasonable – but the beard! – Way, and the food is delicate tasty- and Italian. After dinner it’s time aperitivo at one of the idyllic bars and so on in Shari Vari, restaurant and disco club in one.

12. Firenze, Italy

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Lovers of art will frolic in Florence, like children frolicking in ponds! Do not miss the impressive collection of Michelangelo and Botticelli. Visit Ufficierne and the Accademia Gallery and skip the queue – buy a combined tour ticket you get a discount – and allowed to jump the queue. Smart! It will provide good information for other sights, of Florence gave us Dante’s heartfelt poetry.

Recite a verse or two while enjoying a plate full of authentic Tuscan delights, and you will feel that chubby Cupid really care about you – he will be on hand with love arrow here in Florence. And now that you have it as well, you have earned a delicate ice as only Italy can make it: visit Gelataria Vivoli, where you can enjoy great delicious ice cream and cakes of first class First a kiss, then an ice cream, and then a kiss again.

13. Paris, France

Romantic Cities in Europe

We know it is a cliché to say that the city of light is one of the most romantic places on earth. But it is true! With its Parisian charm, iconic monuments (Notre Dame, Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe), architecture, sweeping wrought iron balconies overlooking the rooftops, and the paths of the beautiful Seine – yes, then Paris created for lovers.

Any bistro suitable for romantic dinner, but do not forget a picnic vedbredden of the Seine or the Place des Vosges square. All you need is a bottle of wine, a freshly baked baguette from one of the quarter boulangerier and well yndlingsost. Whether it’s your first visit or you revisit Paris, so you are sure that you suddenly find new aspects of this city.

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