12 New Mysterious Creatures Seen Around the World

The untold story of the most surprising creatures on earth is now revealed.

01. Russian Crab Monster

New Mysterious Creatures

In a construction site in Russia, a mysterious creature has been found from a deep foundation ditch. The ditch was inundated by a river, and was full of water for quite some time. One day when the construction workers threw some of their lunch in the water they could see some movement in it. Being curious they took the thing up from water. The creature was like a prehistoric crab which is still not been scientifically identified or named. But, unfortunately, the creature attempted to bite and was killed by the workers in this action.

According to the old legends, Bigfoot, the strange beast roam round the North American backwoods, is named after what it leaves behind: big footprints. Bigfoot’s Hispanic cousin, the Chupacabra, similarly named for what it leaves behind: dead animals. Goats are said to be its preferred prey (chupacabra means “goat sucker” in Spanish).

Science effortlessly dismantled the Chupacabra myth. The creature that has been found is just an ill coyote.

02. Bioluminescent Octopus

New Mysterious Creatures

Bioluminescent octopus is scientifically known as Stauroteuthis syrtensis. a relatively under studied species. These creatures were found in North Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 500 to 4000 m. The octopus emits a light from its suckers or photophores. The lights turn on and off in a cycle which gives a twinkling effect. The function of this feature is still not known. Scientists believe it to be for self-defense.

This glow is just about the best color for the most competent communication in the dark depth of ocean. Therefore, it would be perfect for communication, for instance, giving signs and signal to a companion.

03. Marrus Orthocanna

New Mysterious Creatures

This strangely beautiful creature lives arctic and subarctic Atlantics. All individuals are connected together by an extended stem. In the front of the Marrus Orthocanna is what is known as a pneumatophore. This is filled with an orange colored gas, used for buoyancy. They can attain a length of as long as about 3 m. they are predatory carnivores, and as far as known, they feed on krill, decapods etc.

They have a typical siphonophore body, with a long thin hollow stem to winch all the zooids remains attached. Though they have fragile gelatinous body, they have adapted to the harsh environment, extreme cold and lack of food.

04. Armored Snail

New Mysterious Creatures

The armored snail is yet another mystery of nature. Scientist cannot discover the reason why the snail has developed this armor on its foot. The armor or the scales are made of iron sulfide which is another very surprising thing. No other creature can utilize iron like this. Thanks to some bacteria the shield has been made.

Probably the scales are their protection shield. However, this weird creature has definitely held a place in our weird creature list.

05. Christmas Tree Worm

New Mysterious Creatures

The beautiful, strange shaped and colorful creature will easily grab your eyes. They are named after their tree like shape. The creature has brightly colored crowns which give it its unique beauty. These creatures are sedentary that means when they find some place fit for them, they generally do not move much. These worms come in various bright colors. Christmas tree worm grows as long as 1.5 inches.

There are male and female worms. They reproduce by sending eggs and sperm in water. Then the fertilized eggs transform to larvae, they live in that stage foe 9 to 12 days and then settle on a coral. Scientists believe that Christmas tree worm can live up to 40 years.

06. Superb Bird of Paradise

New Mysterious Creatures

Birds of paradise are celebrated for their sophisticated plumage and charming, often strange, courtship displays, and the superb bird-of-paradise is no exception.

In them population of female bird is very low, thus the competition between male birds for mate is very fierce. That is why they have the most unique courtship display in the whole world. The male attracts the female with a loud tweet. Then starts to displays his bright divine colored breast and tail feathers. An average female rejects 15 to 20 male suitors before she consents to mate.

These birds are chiefly found in New Guinea in the South Pacific and some are found in eastern Australia. The tribes of New Guinea consider the feathers of a paradise bird as sacred.

07. Yeti Crab

New Mysterious Creatures

The Yeti crab or the Hoff crab live 2,600 meters beneath the facade of the water close to very hot hydrothermal vents in the icy cold water of the Antarctic, so they have to be very cautious not to be boiled or frozen. This suggests that they can live in a very little space, with up to 4,000 of its family members stacked up in an area of only one square meter.

Their arms are covered in chemosynthetic bacteria that live in the setae and the bacteria are the food source of the crab. This weird looking creature lives in the sea bed and was unknown to the world till late 21st century (2005). It has been proved to be new to science and classified as belonging to a new group of crustaceans.

On the other hand, keen assessment has exposed that the exceptional morphology, including a lack of eyes and a excess of hair like setae, as well as the genetic code of this organism (named Kiwa hirsuta) does not fall within the borders of formerly described taxonomic groups.

08. Dumbo Octopus

New Mysterious Creatures

Dumbo octopuses are the relatives of octopuses called umbrella octopuses. They have been given the name because they have webbing between their tentacles and so when they extend their arms out, they look like umbrellas when seen from the bottom. Like other octopuses, they know how to change color or “flush” the outer layer of their casing to look different.

Dumbo octopus has got its name from its ear. It has two large ears that stick out from the side of its head. No other octopus has this. The ears look like a famous Disney character Dumbo. But actually they are neither ears nor wings, they are simply fins.

They can grow over five feet long and weigh up to 12 to 13 pounds. But they have some differences with other octopuses, as they cannot produce ink, which enables them to escape from predators.

As a substitute of ink sacs, Dumbo octopuses have cirri or strand-like formation on their suckers which help them sense their environment and also help them in finding food, though their function is yet to be fully understood.

09. Red Lipped Batfish

New Mysterious Creatures

The role of the lipstick like red lips is still unknown. However, the batfish is really poor swimmer. They attract prey and probably use their red lips to attract female friends!

The longest batfish found so far is 40 cm long.

Their main habitat is in south eastern Pacific Ocean. This batfish is found in the vicinity of Galapagos Island.

Batfish have certain features resembling a batfish, so they are called by the name “Batfish”. Though the fish live in deep Ocean, they are poor swimmer, instead of swimming they walk with the help of its transformed pectoral fins.

10. Umbonia Spinosa

New Mysterious Creatures

The thorn bugs or the Umbonia Spinosa is a harmful bug that causes damage to the trees, by sucking its sap and piercing the plant tissue. They are found in south and Central America, Mexico and southern Florida.

Adult thorn bugs can easily be mistaken for a thorn on the branch of a tree.

These thorn-like extensions on their backs work as an amazing camouflage to avoid recognition by predators. These thorny parts also act as defensive shield if attacked. These bugs cut into the stem of the plant and feed on its sap.

11. The Panda Ant

New Mysterious Creatures

The panda ants are not actually ants but wasps. The males are much larger in size and nocturnal. The lovely looking ants have nasty stings that can be very painful for your skin. They were first discovered in the coastal region of central Chile in the year 1938. They can grow up to 8 mm long.

12. The Bush Viper

New Mysterious Creatures

This Bush Viper is found in central and western Africa. Its main feature is its rough scales on its back. They come in varied bright colors that look absolutely incredible. They are found in dense tropical forest areas. Bush vipers are nocturnal creatures.

These snakes live in Congo, Uganda and Kenya.

There are three subspecies of spiny bush viper that differ in color, size and type of habitat where they can be found.

Female bush vipers are generally larger than male ones. They can grow as long as 18 to 24 inches. Bush vipers are excellent climbers; they can easily reach the top of the tree where they bask in the sun.


This post is written on creatures that have been lately discovered by scientists or people. All the details that have been documented are taken from various websites. Very few facts about these weird creatures have been uncovered. Readers are suggested to approach with open mind and careful study.

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