23 Photos That Prove Animals Are Just Like Us

Have you ever noticed that pets can express the same emotions as humans? Just like us, they tend to look at windows longingly when the weather outside is good, they don’t like to grow old and they try to keep calm when in awkward situations.

FoxSumo has collected pictures of 23 animals whose emotions can be understood without using any words.

23. When the doctor tells you you’re pregnant:

22. Looks like someone is going to have a serious talk…

21. When you are told that it’s time to grow up:

20. The very moment when you can’t break the awkward silence:

19. When you’ve been plotting your revenge for a long time:

18. When you’ve decided to start a diet and are waiting for a break:

17. When the weather is nice outside but you’re stuck in the office:

16. When you overhear somebody talking about you:

15. Thinking about the upcoming weekend makes everyone happier.

14. When you’re in a bad mood and want to be naughty:

13. “I’ll get myself in good shape by summer. What do you mean that summer is already here?!”

12. When someone is disturbing you from work again:

11. When someone offends you so you cry on your mommy’s shoulder:

10. When you make an extremely silly face in order to be left alone:

9. When you watch some of your colleagues leave for a vacation:

8. When you do something weird and think that no one sees you:

7. The guaranteed condition at the end of every work week

6. When you’ve gotten into an awkward situation and are trying to keep calm:

5. When you need hugs right away and the whole world can wait:

4. When you get scared of the big spider in the bathroom:

3. When someone calls your favorite activity nonsense:

2. “That was your last warning.”

1. “Sit down, human. We need to talk.”

Which of these animals conveys the emotions that you are experiencing now? Please write your answers in the comments!

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