Internet Users Share Pics of Their Pets Acting Too Weird for Words

Research has shown that people who have pets lower their risk of heart disease and improve their blood pressure and health in general. Apart from being good for health, the human-animal bond reduces stress and gives us positive emotions. After all, we all know that laughing is the best medicine sometimes, and what could be more amusing than seeing your pet behaving in the most crazy way?

Those who have pets often see them doing crazy things and behaving in a strange way. It’s a small miracle that some of these owners were even able to capture these moments on film.

Here at FoxSumo we have collected hilarious shots of cats and dogs behaving in ways we can hardly explain.

1. This cat has the most bizarre eating habits.

2. The life of small dogs can be so stressful…

3. When you finally catch your tail and have no clue what to do with your life now:

4. When you lose a bet:

5. When you are so small that you can easily fit in your mom’s bowl:

6. When you suddenly start thinking about the purpose of your existence:

7. Can I have another biscuit, please?

8. After hours of playing…

9. Now have you finished your work?

10. When you chase the cat and suddenly get stuck in the cat’s door:

11. When you are forbidden to sleep on the bed and you chose a pile of sheets in the laundry instead:

12. It’s 2018 and our pets love selfies just as much as we do.

13. These wool poufs are so comfy…

14. I told you, I’m too small to watch horror movies!

15. Jealousy in the flesh

16. When you have finally found the best sleeping position:

17. Koala? Wait, that’s a cat!

18. How is it possible to sleep there?

19. That’s what this space was meant for!

20. When you are so gorgeous that every chicken in the yard wants to see you:

21. The embodiment of patience

22. Hey! What are you doing under the table, master?

23. The dog’s chasing the cat in this scene. I’ll tell you when it’s over.

24. True friendship is when you forget all the stereotypes and just let the cat sleep on your back.

Which of the pictures do you find most amusing? Do you have pets? Share their funny photos in the comments!

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