Top 10 Romantic Places to Summery Love

Ready for love? Spend a romantic holiday in one of these great cities. COPENHAGEN, we have found ten destinations for flights in love signs.

01. Paris, France

Romantic Places to Summery Love

Perhaps Paris a bit of a cliche as Romanticism capital, but there are plenty of good reasons why it is known as the city of love. Take a stroll to the lie Saint Louis at Notre Dame. This small island on the Seine, characterized by small shops, bars and restaurants, is a romantic retreat well away from the hustle and bustle.

02. Rome, Italy

Romantic Places to Summery Love

“City of Lights” is known for its charming alleys, parks and restaurants, but couples who want a truly romantic experience, should look away from the crowds to Rome more secret corners. Stroll down one of the narrow medieval streets that lead away from the busy places, and discover some of the small, intimate bars and restaurants frequented by the locals. You can find flights to Rome from most major cities in the world.

03. Venice, Italy

Romantic Places to Summery Love

Venice, with its 116 islands connected by 409 bridges a true fairytale town, where everyone, including the police, plumbers and entry, use both when they must. It makes Venice the perfect place to get lost with the one you love.

04. Prague, Czech Republic

Romantic Places to Summery Love

Prague sturgeon presence means it is the perfect city for romantic strolls. Go hand in hand across the Charles Bridge at night when Prague Castle is lit in the background. It’s the perfect scene to gaze at the view and into each other’s eyes. Want to surprise her boyfriend, spouse or your fiance, you can come with flights to Prague from Copenhagen and Billund.

05. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Romantic Places to Summery Love

With streets flanked by trees and café-chicke local love is always in the air in Ljubljana. The towering medieval castle and the beautiful blue- green river that divides the city in two, making Slovenia’s capital for a colorful backdrop for a romantic holiday enjoy a good dinner for two by the river, stroll up to the castle and enjoy the view and grab as a stroll down the Old Town’s cobbled streets.

06. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Romantic Places to Summery Love

The Scottish capital’s raw beauty can take your breath away every couple in love. You can explore Old Town’s narrow, winding streets and small stone stairs connecting the higher-and lower-lying levels in this hilly city, or let you impress the neoclassical architecture of the New Town, which has given Edinburgh nicknamed ‘Athens of the North’. The city is also plagued by an unusual number of ghost stories, and one of the many ‘ghost tours’ is a perfect excuse to keep her boyfriend in the hand. Flights to Edinburgh from Denmark can usually be found at a reasonable price.

07. Istanbul, Turkey

Romantic Places to Summery Love

If Istanbul is not just the first place one thinks of in connection with romance, you can think again. Turkey’s intoxicating capital also has a very romantic side. It is an amazing beautiful city, spread over seven hills and surrounded by water. Grab a tour of the mythical Bosphorus Strait that separates Europe and Asia, and finish it off with an appetizing meze’s plate for two.

08. Malaga, Spain

Romantic Places to Summery Love

If you are into romance in the sun, there are few destinations that can beat Antonio Banderas’ birthplace. Malaga is not just beautiful beaches, but the charming city center offers lots of cultural experiences, such as the Moorish Alcazaba fortress, the cathedral and the Picasso Museum. Fly to Malaga takes just under four hours from Denmark.

09. Bath, United Kingdom

Romantic Places to Summery Love

This elegant southwest English city which is UNESCO World Heritage Site, takes its name from the famous Roman bathhouses. However, we can no longer swim in the superbly preserved ancient buildings, but tilgengæld can still go for a swim in one of Britain’s few naturally heated baths of Thermae Bath Spa, which also offers a variety of massage treatments and a stunning view of the city from svømmebasinnet on rooftop.

10. Bergen, Norway

Romantic Places to Summery Love

The gateway to the Norwegian fjords is an ideal hideaway for new buildings and old love. Couples can be overwhelmed by the dozens of romantic charm in the parks, on the cobbled streets and among the colorful houses which are topsy-turvy in this small and friendly town, which was designated a European Capital of Culture in 2000. And the city is surrounded by mountains and fjords to those who both love each other and nature.

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