10 Safest Destinations for Globetrotting Women

We’re often asked by adventure and wanderlust struck women about the safest destinations to travel solo. While all places on earth are spectacular in their own way, some destinations make you feel increasingly secure, safe and positive as a solo woman trying to the explore the planet. There’s little fear about venturing out alone or enjoying a drink at the bar by yourself. Though all destinations demand that you exercise basic safety rules (not venturing alone in isolated spots after sundown and other similar precautionary measures), some places are far safer and relaxed than others. Here are our expert recommendations of the 10 safest destinations for solo female travelers.

01. Iceland


Iceland is not just determinedly gorgeous; it’s also totally safe, relaxed and comfortable for solo women travelers. From the fun, easy-going nightlife (and live music culture) of Reykjavik to catching up with locals at little-known village communities, Iceland is a bundle of surprises. Sign up for a snorkeling tour of Silfra Fissure or enjoy a thrilling glacier. It’s a sin to miss bathing in the surreal Blue Lagoon and Northern Light phenomenon. Iceland is perfect for outdoorsy, adventure-bitten gals!

02. Singapore


Singapore’s clear waters, safe vibe and sparkling, clean roads beckon female travelers. It is friendly, warm and diverse. Enjoy high-street shopping at the ulra-chic Orchard Street or tuck into a range of eclectic international flavors at one of its famed eateries (don’t forget the street side food stalls serving piping hot Asian treats at Chinatown). If that doesn’t cut the ice with you, head to Universal Studios, Marina Sands Bay resort or Sentosa Resort.

03. Bali


What’s not to like about Bali? It has exotic temples, spectacular cultural performances, swish wellness retreats, idyllic beaches and more. Sprinkle an infectiously friendly vibe and downright affordable prices on it, and you’ve got the recipe for a fabulous vacation. Experience backpacking through Bali’s mountains, catch the legendary Barong dance performance and enjoy a pampering spa treatment. Eat, Pray, Love truly

04. Amsterdam


Amsterdam, famous for its chilled out and exceedingly liberal vibe, is one of the safest destinations for solo women. Apart from a warm, welcoming and cosmopolitan aura, it offers a multitude of experiences for women to savor. Go museum hopping, view the magnificent canals, go cycling through the city’s pleasant, bike-friendly streets and take pictures against the backdrop of archeologically stunning beaches. You’ll not want to miss the throbbing nightlife and dining culture here.

05. Ireland


Little surprise that the Emerald of Isle features on this list, what with its countless pubs, lip-smacking beer and boisterous football games. Chat up friendly tourists and locals in one of the several watering holes or make way into the fairy-tale beautiful countryside. Oh! Did we mention Irish men can be irresistibly charming? Follow basic safety rules related to drinking and caution while partying with strangers, and you’ll do fine.

06. Rome


Rome has food, art, architecture, fashion and jaw-droppingly good-looking men. What else does a female want? From its iconic Coliseum to its charming town squares to flavorsome pizzas, this European hotpot is a sensory rhapsody. Walk through its old- worldly, cobbled streets at sundown or take Instagram worthy pictures in the backdrop of its numerous fountains.

07. Canada


Canada features some of the most diverse natural landscapes from pristine, glistening lakes to bountiful national parks to snowy wonders. If that isn’t enough, it has a conspicuously multicultural and welcoming vibe, along with probably the most amiable folks on earth. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of the region or catch the uber-cool, urban vibe of Toronto or Montreal. A travel-gasm all the way!

08. Melbourne


Another super cosmopolitan and multicultural city, Melbourne’s growing charm is hard to ignore. Fine weather, world-class dining options, a thriving music scene, blooming gardens, swanky art galleries, fine Victorian architecture, endless shopping hotspots – you name it, Melbourne’s got it! Plus no language barriers and great day trip options (Philip Island and The Great Ocean Road).

09. Hawaii


A splendid tropical hotspot, there’s so much Hawaii has to offer to the solo woman traveler, think adrenaline-soaring adventure activities, a safe and liberal vibe, and lots of good food and tropical drinks. Experience inspiring sunset views, lazy sunbathing and the highly popular Maui Surfer Girls all-women surfing camp. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of photo opportunities. You won’t regret this trip!

10. New York City

New York City

If you’ve fed yourself on a generous dose of Sex and the City, you know what to expect, right? NYC is abuzz with a flourishing performance arts culture (Broadway Theatre), endless shopping options (Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Flea Market and more), gourmet fresh produce and sightseeing (Wall Street, Times Square, and Statue of Liberty). Stroll through Central Park early in the morning or sign up for a Hudson cruise.

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