Top 10 Secret Paradise Islands in the World

Have you already visited the most popular destinations and dreams of discovering something new and exotic? Dream away to one of these amazing islands! We have made a list of 10 paradise islands, which you probably have not heard of before, just look here…

01. St. Vincent and the Grenadines / via Kingstown

Secret Paradise Island

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an overlooked and very quiet corner of the Caribbean. The 10 main islands offers, as the surrounding islands, volcanoes, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and much more in St. Vincent, the largest island, do not miss to swim in Owia Salt Pond, often described as a kind of open-air aquarium with its colorful fish and coral reefs.

For those who tire of splashing around, we recommend a visit to the capital, Kingstown, where you will find an intense street life and pastel houses. To the sights belong among other things the botanical garden and the Cathedral of Saint Mary.

02. Vanuatu / via Port Vila

Secret Paradise Island

This group of islands in the South Pacific comprises a total of 83 islands and has about 250,000 residents. The islands are covered with forests and dense vegetation, and especially volcanoes. Tanna Island is said to be one of the most active, and is easily accessible – definitely a very cool experience. You can drive your car right near here – as close to 150 meters from the top, where you can look straight down into the crater itself.

03. Cook Islands / via Rarotonga

Secret Paradise Island


Cook Islands are probably the least secret islands on our list. The archipelago consists of 15 islands; Rarotonga is the largest and also home to the capital Avarua. Like most other South Sea offers Cook Islands on the whitest sand beaches with swaying palm trees, turquoise water and a cloudless sky. Perfect for honeymooner huh?

04. Dominica

Secret Paradise Island

Dominica has no giant hotels, and has been relatively secret in relation to nearby islands such as Barbados and St. Lucia. The island has not only beautiful beaches to boast of, but also the Caribbean’s wildest landscapes. Dominica is a true paradise for those who want to experience nature in earnest, for example by going on Waitukubuli National Trail.

The track, which is 185 km long, winding its way across the island and takes you past hot springs, fairytale-like emerald lake and the National Park Morne Diablotin. Capital Rosseau also has its own charm and is definitely worth a visit.

05. Comoros (via Mombasa, Kenya, from ship)

Secret Paradise Island

Federal Republic, of the Comoros is a small paradise on the east coast of Africa. Although the country is very small, only 2,170 square kilometers, it has a great cultural diversity; This allows you both to meet people who speak Arabic, French and Comorian. See dolphins swim along the coast at Hahayas or, if you’re lucky, a giant turtle laying eggs on the beaches of Moheli.

06. Solomon Islands / via Honiara

Secret Paradise Island

Right next to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands lies with its approximately 500,000 inhabitants spread over the islands. Those who come here will be able to enjoy a true paradise with all that it entails. Take the opportunity to island hopping and try to visit as many of the 1000 islands as possible. Solomon Islands is also a great destination for those who love to dive, explore Marovo – the world’s largest saltwater lagoon.

07. Sao Tome and Principe

Secret Paradise Island

The second smallest state in Africa is just 250 km northwest coast of Gabon. Sao Tome and Principe became independent in 1974 from Portugal, but they portugiska influences are still very evident. Colorful villages with museums and galleries, good food and an abundance of wildlife are just some of the things that the ten beautiful islands have to offer.

08. Tuvalu / via Funafuti

Secret Paradise Island

With about 2,000 visitors a year is Tuvalu high on the list of the least visited countries in the world. Still featuring the island nation of plenty of activities such as water sports and traditional dancing the friendly inhabitants contributes to a unique atmosphere, and there is absolutely no room for stress. This is in amusing contrast to the fact that Tuvalu is threatened by rising sea levels, and researchers have estimated that the island in the near future will be completely under water. Hurry here!

09. St. Kitts and Nevis

Secret Paradise Island

St. Kitts and Nevis is a favorite among cruise ships, but these two islands are more than a single day’s visit. St. Kitts is the main island, and here you will find cozy bars in the colorful bar street “The Strip”, while Nevis is much more peaceful. On St. Kitts east coast, take a visit in Frigate Bay, where you will find beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and last but not least, the old military installations Brimstone Hill recognized as world heritage by UNESCO. On Nevis you will find several small and almost deserted paradise beaches.

10. Palau / via Koror

Secret Paradise Island

Right next to Micronesia is magical Palau, consisting of several islands with over 300 islands. Visit dreamy waterfalls, snorkel your way through the colorful underwater world and discover your inner adventurer by kayaking. Welcome to paradise!

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