15 Smartest Animals in the World

Well, humans are the smartest on this Earth but we are not the only living beings in this world. We share it with thousands upon thousands of ani­mals many of which are fairly smart. Ok, so these animals are not smart enough to be rocket scientists but they can certainly hold their own when it comes to dealing with issues in their own environment.

Most animals are actually smarter than we think. I mean, who knows what they get up to while hu­mans are not looking? Well, for years, scientists have been testing all kinds of animals to see which ones are smart and which ones are not so smart.

Also, nature experts have filmed animals in their own environment. It is amazing to see how cer­tain animals can solve problems, communicate, work as a team and even use their memory skills.

In this post, we have picked out 15 smartest ani­mals in the world. This list is in no particular order of intelligence. All animals featured have proven time and time again that they really have smart thinking abilities.

01. Spiders

A particular species of spider, known as Jumping Spider Portia Labiata, has shown great learning ability in laboratory tests and is labeled as the world’s smartest bug. They do surprisingly well on many problem-solving tasks and one of its main skills is to lure other spiders to its web so it can eat them.

Fun fact: A Portia will make a shaking motion on the corner of its web to copy the movement of a trapped bug or insect. This will lure other spi­ders to its lair!

02. Ants

Though they are tiny creatures, ants can creatively make ways to survive calamities that can wipe out other species. They are often seen creating big, organized colonies where every member has a specific role to play. Together they hunt for food and build nests.

Fun fact: Humans and ants are the only crea­tures that farm other creatures—they farm colonies of aphids nearby as source of food!

03. Sea Lions

Sea lions are playful, noisy and very intelligent animals. They are known to think logically like hu­mans.

Fun fact: In an experiment to prove their intel­ligence, a sea lion named Rio was shown a pic­ture of a crab and a tulip, and then a picture of a tulip and a radio. Afterwards, Rio made a logical leap: she was able to match the picture of the crab with the radio.

04. Crown

Crows, along with pigeons, are among the smartest birds in the world. They can solve difficult problems and go out of tough situations successfully. They have good memory and they can plan ahead or think of future events to help them solve present problems. They can also use tools to get food.

Fun fact: Crows have been seen to use sticks to snag a food that is out of their reach!

05. Raccoons

These animals, like humans, have their own communities and their relationships are quite complicated. They are known to be very loyal to their family members. Raccoons are also extremely brave and confident. They want to be always in control of what they do. They have skillful thumbs and hands that allow them to use tools and solve problems.

Fun fact: They are very good at identifying pat- tern-they can find their way back to a place where there is food!

06. Horses

Horses and humans always held a special rela­tionship. Aside from the fact that they can get us to far places as they are very rideable, they also have great memories. They can also quickly act in response to complex commands even under stress.

Fun fact: A horse can figure out how to open the lock on a gate or a stable door. They can even arrange similar objects into groups!

07. Falcons

For centuries, falcons are trained to obey com­mands, catch a prey and even deliver messages like what pigeons do. This is all possible because of the incredible memory of these birds – they can remember territories very well.

Fun fact: Aplomado falcons can learn to hunt cooperatively in pairs and their admirable team­work can greatly increases their hunting success.

08. Cats

Cats are very capable of learning a variety of tasks by imitation and ‘trial and error’. They can be taught to open windows and doors and can be toilet trained. Cats are also great hunters and are capable of working together to bring down a prey and they help each other in time of need.

Fun fact: Cats were even seen teaching them­selves to use a can opener to open a cat food can!

09. Squirrels

Though they originally live only in the woodlands, a squirrel’s intelligence can let them adjust to any new environment. These seemingly annoying little creatures have the ability to learn from their mistakes. For this reason, it’s very difficult catch them be­cause once they learn of the smell and location of your traps, they will cunningly avoid them.

Fun fact: Squirrels can also pretend to hide food in order to confuse potential thieves!

10. Elephants

These huge and strong animals are very trainable. They are widely used in constructions, wars and entertainment. They have self-awareness, complex thinking and deep emotions, a great memory and the ability to use tools.

Fun fact: They were seen to recognize people or other elephants they had not seen in many years and they can also learn how to paint!

11. Dogs

Are dogs really smart or just so good at basic obedience? For example, they can learn to lie down and fetch, to sit and roll over. However, can they read the intentions of their owners? Researchers say they can at least look for food in response to gestures addressed to them. This is a sign that dogs, like humans, can also understand the point of view of others.

Fun fact: Specific breeds, such as Labrador re­trievers, border collies, German shepherds, and poodles are known for their intelligence.

12. Whales

Whales are not only huge in size but in intel­ligence as well. The whale’s use of complex sounds for communication, which can be heard hundreds of miles away, indicates a species of in­credible brainpower.

Fun fact: Sometimes whales can sing an hour-long song (or more) and as it reaches 300 miles away, another whale can hear it and answer by singing the exact same hour-long song!

13. Dolphins

These playful and friendly creatures are said to be next to humans for being the smartest animals on earth. Dolphins use complex language consisting of whistle sounds. They can also understand in­structions and plan their actions well.

Fun fact: In one mammal study, a dolphin was given a fish as reward for every piece of trash it removes from the swimming pool. The intelligent creature thought of a way to get as much fish as it can. It took pieces of trash and ripped them into smaller parts!

14. Pigs

These cute animals are highly trainable and can do many difficult tasks. They also have an excellent memory. Pigs could remember scribbles shown to them earlier and pick them up over those they had never seen before. They can also learn certain words and phrases and still remember their meanings after years of not hearing them.

Fun fact: Pigs can play videogames too diffi­cult for 3-year old children!

15. Chimpanzees

These close relatives of humans can make tools for eating and hunting and create organized groups for protection against predators. They can also learn sign language and teach it to other Chimps. They even perform better than humans on various memory tests!

Fun fact: Chimps can use stones to break open nuts. They also put a stick into termite mounds and eat the termites gathered around the stick.

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