13 Stunning Natural Pools That Will Leave You Completely Amazed

Who wants artificially created and primped up swimming pools when nature has such amazing natural swimming pools? Natural phenomenon across the world has led to the formation of these stunning water bodies in the middle of nature. Which are these places that are known for their natural spring waters where visitors can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating dip? Here is a list of 13 stunning natural swimming pools that will make you forget about the man-made pools in upscale resorts.

01. Tu Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Tu Sua Ocean Trench

Tu Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa is a natural 30 meters deep hole that lies inside Lotofaga in a Samoan Island village called Upalu. The massive natural hole, referred to as To Sua Ocean Trench, is a huge attraction for tourists, in addition to the local beaches. Use the ladder given here before beginning your swimming sessions. The best time to visit is from May to November, when it’s a relatively dry season.

02. Hamilton Pool Preserve, United States of America

Hamilton Pool Preserve

A massive cave fell into the Hamilton Creek several years ago, and led to the formation of a natural emerald pool. Consistent water erosion created a stunning natural pool decorated with multiple geological features such as stalactities, moss, fern and swallows. The most eye-catching attraction? The 50-foot waterfall never dries out, not even during drought! Now that’s amazing, isn’t it?

03. Giola, Greece


Nestled in Thasso Island, Giola is the tiara crown among several beaches on Thassos Island. It feels that something banged into the rocky surface and transformed into a sapphire-emerald pool featuring balmy waters adjacent to opening. Visitors can dive from 8 meters of the rocky surface that encircles the pool.

04. Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, United States of America

Johnson’s Shtut-Ins State Park

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park is a destination where the river is halted by resistant to erosion rocks. Missouri features a shut-in natural pool that is great for relaxing and swimming. The Black River, nestled 9 miles to the north of Lesterville, is a carved pool worth checking out for its warm water and rugged appeal.

05. Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman

Bimmah Sinkhole

Bimmah Sinkhole in Arabic means Meteor Fall Park. As the name implies, the spot is believed to have had a meteor striking to a hidden wonder. However, in reality, the sinkhole was a result of more natural phenomenon. It was a result of falling rocks and mineral erosion. The sinkhole is linked to the ocean through a network of underground tunnels. For those travelling from Al Sharqiyah to Muscat, this can be a nice day trip option. Explore the Hawiyam Najm Park, where this relaxing sinkhole is housed.

06. Nanda Blue, Vanatu Nanda Blue Hole

Nanda Blue

Nanda Blue Hole, Vanuatu Nanda Blue Hole is known to be a remarkably beautiful sapphire hued spring-hole owing to the water’s purity and depth. Not just that, the hole is encircled by verdant vegetation and includes everything from a bungalow to a picnic zone to a bar. This particular blue hole along with holes in Vanuatu and Santo are the primary sources of fresh water for local village communities.

07. Cummins Falls, Tennessee, United States of America

Cummins Fall

Cummins Falls is known to be the state’s eight largest waterfall going up to 75 feet. The region that was once utilized for buffalo tracking near the river has experienced a metamorphosis of being converted into a swimming zone. It acts as a stopover for walkers and hikers, who enjoy the 4-kilometer circular path to access the falls. The Cummins Falls State Park is a much sought after hiking and picnicking spot.

08. Gunlom Plunge Pool, Australia

Gunlom Plunge Pool

Gunlom Plunge Pool in the Northern Territory of Australia is a gorgeous natural pool looking over an equally stunning landscape. Cushily nestled in the Kakadu National Park, the Gunlom Plunge Pool is smack in the middle of Waterfall Creek. It’s a steep hiking path, so ensure you wear sturdy shoes. The hike is more than worth it for the national park views it offers. There are plenty of other day tripping options in and around Gunlom Plunge Pool too for those eager to explore.

09. Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool in Livingstone Island in Zambia is located on the 100 meters tall Victoria Falls that will not tempt you to go anywhere in the vicinity of the pool. However, during the months of May to October (when the climate is drier), it is possible to hike up to the tiny rock pools near the peak of these falls. The Devil’s is a massive infinity pool, popular among adventure buffs and explorers on the Zambezi River’s edge. It splashes to the bottom of the falls, offering lots of photo opportunities.

10. Queen’s Bath, United States of America

Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath isn’t as easy to negotiate as it appears in pictures. It is considered one of the most unusual attractions in Hawaii as the natural pool is carved right into the lava platform. Witness the awesome sea and stony shoreline vistas. Note that swimming, surfing and diving is not permissible in these waters due to overpowering currents and massive rocks. During summers, the pool is replete with calm waters, when you may enjoy a dip with necessary precautions.

11. Erawan Falls, Thailand

Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls is a multi tiered waterfall nestled inside the sprawling 550 square kilometers Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The falls are termed as Erawan owing to their resemblance to the three headed elephant in Hindu mythology. The Erawan Falls pool is home to the highly popular dead skin eating fish that is known to offer a natural and relaxing spa experience. A must visit if you seek rejuvenation in the middle of thriving greenery.

12. Calanque de Sugiton, France

Calanque de Sugiton

Calnque de Sugiton is a rather steep valley created as a result fluvial erosions and collapsing of cave roofs that have been drowned as a result of the rising sea level. Calnques are located near the Mediterranean coast, the most famous of which is the easy to reach Calanque de Sugiton, juxtaposed between Cassis and Marseille.

13. Fairy Pools, Scotland

Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools in Skye, Scotland is a stream that snakes from the Cuillin Mountains overflowing in the vibrant Fairy Pools. Visitors reach the pool after a 20-minute hike, while passing through massive boulders and river crossings, before the waterfalls become visible. This is when you will come across the serene looking pools. Those wanting to jump in the waters should realize that it is ice cold even during peak summers. Go during summers to make the most of the pleasant weather and relatively less cooler waters.

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