There Is Nothing in This Article Except for 23 Cute Cats. Enjoy!

At first, we wanted to collect only 23 cats but we couldn’t stop and their number exceeded the reasonable limits. But it’s not our fault…we’re sure you understand.

Do you love cats as much as we at FoxSumo do? Or perhaps you love them even more? Then you’ll definitely like this article because here, you’ll see plenty of cats of different breeds, colors, and personalities. Each of them deserves the title of being the cutest.

23. Why in a standing position? Because more food will get inside me!

🍨 Yogurt obsessed.

Bài viết do Goyanggy (@goyanggy) chia sẻ vào

22. Who is offended here? Me? Yes, I am offended!

21. Winter is coming.

20. Nothing unusual, just a cat under a blanket.

19. “If they ask me who stole the sausages, it’s not me; I’ve been sitting still for 3 hours.”

18. “If you are only a morning person on the 25th of December, sit here.”

Otherwise, don’t talk to me. #CoffeeMe #ImFragile #WallSitWednesday

Bài viết do Neyland & Knox, NYC (@meow_york_kitties) chia sẻ vào

17. Ready for the Winter Olympics! And for the Summer Olympics, as well.

16. The mission is complete.

15. Why on earth would you wake me up so early?

14. Mini me?

13. Gravity? No, we haven’t heard of it.

Звук🔊✅🙊😹 #нарелаксе

Bài viết do Кот Леон🦁он же Лео✌️🦁 (@cat_leon_) chia sẻ vào

12. Bed for 2:

ぎゅーの瞬間 . . Let’s cuddle♡ Happy Caturday my friends🐾 . . 『三連休でしゅね。あたちたちのコレ見てほっこりのんびりしてくだしゃいね💕』 . . 幸せそうにぎゅうするアメリとカヌレ❤️ そのベッドの隣にあるそらの写真… にゃんとイギリスの woodmansterne社 ( @woodmansternecards ) から発売された グリーティングカードなんです。 私が作った #ねこsweets と、そら。 海の向こうでカードになっているなんて不思議な気持ちです😌💕 . . #ねこ休み展 はこの三連休も開催されていま〜す🐾 . . #そら #アメリ#パステル三毛 #三毛猫 #カヌレ #茶しろ #双子 #twins #みかんが幸せでありますように #保護猫 #ふわもこ部 #猫との暮らし #猫と暮らす #WHPdayoff #SleepingAmelieandCanele #woodmansterne

Bài viết do Rie (@riepoyonn) chia sẻ vào

11. I’m ready for the beach!

10. Say “mou-u-u-u-se!”

9. The advantage of front row tickets:

8. I can’t really help, but I can definitely offer some support…

7. Hello! Would you like your windows cleaned?

6. “And this pose is called the Upward Stretching Cat.”

5. Bikers? The ones with tattoos and leather jackets? No, we haven’t seen them.

4. “Buy a kitten,” they said. “It will be perfect for a small apartment.”

3. Ready for summer…

2. Finally! Some peace and quiet!

1. With a little help from my friends…

How many cats can you count? Let us know in the comments!

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I love cats!! Any pose they choose they can look so cute!