19 Times Animals Could Make Anyone Go Aww

Science suggests that our feelings are the basis of our biological need to be fulfilled. If you have a need for something adorable and sweet, then we’ve got the perfect list to fulfill it!

FoxSumo loves to share information that can help, educate, or inspire our readers. Today, we’ve collected a long list of everything that’s nice and pleasant. So sit back and prepare to smile a lot!

01. Just thinking ’bout you…

02. Gimo the cat

03. Meet Wally, the bunny with the biggest wing-like ears.

04. Did someone say…carrots?

05. Barely born

06. These Siamese kittens are sharing the love…

07. This is Shadow. His favorite spot to nap is on top of my Grammy.

08. Mommy warmest

09. Visited my mother for the holidays. I think my childhood dog isn’t going to let my wife leave.

10. Luna’s brows are on fleek.

11. Every day should be Mother’s day!

12. This is why I have such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning:

13. Who said cats and beaches don’t mix?

14. Sleeping puppy at a monastery in India

15. Even at a very early age, Charlie has already mastered the sploot.

16. Shibe goes for a ride:

17. The newest member of the family, Huxley the puglet!

18. Evie, the traveling ferret

19. And if you don’t think we’re adorable, this is what I have to say to you:

Did your “aww-meter” break down just like ours? Share your most adorable photos of your pets in the comments!

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