19 Times Even Animals Have Lied on Social Media

If you consider the fact that pets were named 2017’s Top Influencersby Forbes, you can understand how much they matter in our lives. Marnie the DogToby LittleDude and Pam are only a few of the pets that have a much more successful Instagram account than you do. Now you officially have a reason to be jealous of your pet!

FoxSumo has made a collection of funny and creative contradictory images that show how animals can lie on social media about what they do and how they look — just like humans often do!

1. “Um, am I waiting for a text? No, no, you are mistaken.”

2. Why can’t Instagram reality be real life?

3. “I woke up like this.”

4. When the humans are home vs when they leave:

5. “How boys think I sit when I am home vs how I really sit.”

6. “My idea of a wild night out.”

7. Posing for Instagram vs posing for How to Get Away With Murder.

8. “I lie about my age on Facebook.”

9. “That’s why I don’t have many friends.”

10. Female dogs on Tinder be like:

11. “Okay, so I’ve missed a few days at the gym. So what?”

12. A natural one

13. “Everyone thinks that I hate pictures.”

14. When they catch you lying about being vegan:

15. “Lying about my assets the Dan Bilzerian way.”

16. “My idea of going to the gym…”

17. “Tryin’ to look cool for online babes.”

18. How cool I think I look when I drink vs what I end up looking like.

19. Seflie for my Instagram vs a selfie for my bestie.

Have you noticed any differences between the way your pet acts when you’re taking a photo of them vs when they are home alone? Share your funny stories with us in the comment section.

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