17 Touching Photos of Animals Waiting for Babies to Come Into This World (Warning: These Can Melt Your Heart)

Pets are just like kids, and when couples decide to have a baby, they’re sometimes afraid that their cat or dog may feel left out or lonely.

FoxSumo wants to assure you that our pets are happy to take care of moms-to-be. Believe us, their love is boundless!

17. “My cat finally accepts that I’m pregnant.”

16. One baby waiting for another one

15. The most caring babysitter

14. “My wife is 8 months pregnant and the cat just realized our daughter wants out.”

13. “My wife is 8 months pregnant now. This has been his favorite hangout for the last 3 months.”

12. “These cats must somehow know my wife is pregnant. Every day… like a magnet.”

11. “She comes and sleeps on my pregnant wife like this every night.”

10. “My dog won’t leave my pregnant wife’s side.”

9. “My wife is 7 months pregnant and our cat doesn’t leave her.”

8. “Mama cat loves to cuddle this pregnant belly.”

7. “I’m 9 months pregnant. He learned to adapt!”

6. “So I’m 7 months pregnant and my cat is just now accepting it.”

5. “There’s no doubt in my mind that my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

4. “My pregnant wife practices swaddling on our confused pupper.”

3. “My pregnant wife needs to test her new merchandise.”

2. “My pregnant wife has been practicing her swaddling technique.”

1. “Here’s a dolphin booping a pregnant lady.”

Do you have your own pictures of your pets taking care of babies? Share them with us in the comments!

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