Top 10 Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe Not Many Know

Explore Europe’s lesser known islands, enjoy walks, beach walks, water sports, culture and explore these beautiful islands. Across Europe, is the most beautiful islands and waiting – we show you here are 10 of the very best and most beautiful, perfect for a cozy island vacation.

01. Lyngør islands, Norway – via Oslo

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Lyngør islands are anything but dramatic Norwegian west coast – Lyngør more reminiscent of the Baltic peace than the Atlantic coast. Stay at Sadøya or Borøya archipelagos (here you can park your car) and use the ferries to get around the island sea. If the ferries are too plain for you, then this place perfect for kayaking. Man rudder between the tiny islands, and air and sunshine, and a view of the multicolored boats glide around on the waters. You can hire a kayak in Tvedestrand, the main town in this fjord. You can only get to Lyngør Island by sailing, there are no cars, and the main village consists of weathered wooden houses.

Fly to Oslo, 2 hours by car south.

02. Mljet, Croatia – via Dubrovnik

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Here is the island where Odysseus was held for seven years by the nymph Calypso – but how bad can it now have been: The Island here is one of Croatia’s southernmost and is famous for its incredible beauty – and amazing vegetables and fruit. There is great potential for hiking around the two saltwater lakes in Mljet National Park, and it is possible to rent a sailboat to reach the incredible Benedictine monastery from the 12th century – the monastery is located on the island of Melita. Explore the island’s shady trails and swim in some of the clearest sea in the whole Adriatic Blace bay. Buy a locally grown red wine to enjoy the sunset – Dingac and Postup is produced here – and enjoy too raw clams sprinkled with lemon juice, a local specialty. You will find a single hotel, namely Odisej Mljet.

Fly to Dubrovnik and take the ferry (90 minutes) from Dubrovnik to Sobra on Mljet.

03. Aegina, Greece – via Athens

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Head here and enjoy seafood dishes, and relax completely and perfection of. Aegina located only an hour’s ferry ride from Athens is a great place to relax if necessary, combined with the exploration of adjacent Athens. Here in Aegina you can snorkel, eat lovely fresh fish in vinsovs at taverns as close to the water that you can watch your dinner being caught by local fishermen. Take a hike; hiking trails take you past both church ruins, flowering meadows and rustic, clean-cut hilltops. The few hotels here offer balconies with panoramic views and sunsets you will not forget.

Fly to Athens, from here you take the Metro to Piraeus port – an hour by catamaran fast ferry and you are in Aegina.

04. Fehmarn, Germany – via Hamburg

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Fehmarn lies just off Germany’s beautiful Baltic coastline and offers plenty of sun. Fehmarn has optimal conditions for water sports, including kite-surfing and hosts various surfing competitions year round. If you are more – or – to hike, so pack good boots and take a walk along the Via Scandinavia, a hiking starting in Lubeck – the route goes all the way through Germany and Poland, and all the way to Norway. Fehmarn natural beauty makes the trip on the stretch around Fehmarn unique.

Many also make use of the possibility of a lovely spa experience, for example in Badewelt Fehmarn try seaweed wraps and salt water scrub.

Fly to Hamburg, rent car – drive (90 minutes) to Burg Fehmarn historic capital.

05. Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, Ireland – via Dublin

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Here you will find an island with an ancient language and an equally ancient mythology – right here at the white beaches beautifully located along the Atlantic Ocean. Inis Oírr, the smallest island in Alan archipelago and on Inis Oírr (pronounced Inisheer) got first real electricity in 1997.

Yes 1997. Inis Oírr offers an exceptionally beautiful hiking trail; it runs through fields of waving wildflowers, red, blue, yellow, white, yes plants of all colors bowing to the side of your feet as you walk in this booming “sea” amid all the beauty of the ruins of O’Briens 14th century. Relax at the pub Ostan Inis Oírr with a large Guinness and live music – you dance here, whether it’s the weekend or not.

Fly to Dublin – from bus Citilink to Galway (3 hours). From here take bus to praise a Mhil (30 minutes) and then from here take the ferry from Ros a’Mhil to Inis Oirr (about 55 minutes). Take any of small pitstop in beautiful Dublin. Or, rent car and drive through beautiful Ireland completely self.

06. Belle-Ille en Mer, Brittany, France – via Rennes

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

The island here lives up to its name, “the beautiful island”; the dramatic coastline and green center inspired many writers and artists throughout the 19th century, among the most famous names are Flaubert and Monet. In August, here are a few tourists, but it is absolutely bearable, but outside just in August, the 60 beaches liberating deserted.

Belle-ile has handful not too wild attractions, including the iconic actress Sarah Bernhardts house, now a museum and lighthouse in Bangor – but the real attraction is the island’s natural beauty. In August this opera festival is the popular Lyrique en Mer.

Fly to Rennes – from train to Quibieron (about 2 for half an hour with fast connection) – then ferry from Qubieron to Belle-Ille (about 45 minutes).

07. Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain – via Vigo

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Although Rodas beach Cies Islands are named one of the world’s best beaches, the islands still not overcrowded – which of course just makes it even better. Here namely a strict rule: there must not exceed 2,200 tourists per day. Islands nickname is Spain Maldivians – and the name is no coincidence, for you will find here incredibly beautiful beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea – in short, a paradise. The three islands (Monteagudo, San Martino and Faro) is located opposite the city of Vigo, on the Galician coast, and is part of the Islas Atlanticas national park. This means that wildlife inluderer sea birds and abundant wildlife underwater is both lush and protected; you can explore it by diving (subject to authorization). On Cies Stay in camp – they are open between June and September.

Fly to Vigo – Ferry from Vigo, Cangas, Balona to the Cies Islands.

08. Hiiumaa, Estonia – via Tallinn

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

The smell of nature is marked in Hiiumaa, imagines that the white beaches smells fine after a morning downpour, now turns the sun through and sends scents of sea reeds and grass over the entire island. The island is the second largest in Estonia, and this is where you go if you want to write a stay or paint. There is not much else to do than to walk around and soak atmosphere and beauty – but it is also luskuriost much. The hiking trails runs along the coast, and there are several hundred years old lighthouses to admire. If you are interested in history can explore bunkers from the former Soviet domination, but most come here for the white sand, the high skies and calm. Hiiumaa is much warmer than the Estonian mainland, so it’s even tastier visit Kardias city that is full of quaint wooden houses – or try Roograhu port floating sauna. Combine the island’s incredible tranquility with pitstop in Estonia adventure similar capital Tallinn on the way to or from the island.

Fly to Tallinn – then a half-hour ferry from Rohukiila.

09. Samothrace, Greece – via Alexandroupoli Dimikritos

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

The thumping bass sounds late at night and oliefaklerne glisten – Samothrace is known for its beach parties. Fire, red wine and ambiance creates an aura of ancient Greece, you feel strong band for the time celebrations – even temples today is like – beautiful – ruins. Many travelers actually come back to this island many times when they once have been here – probably because. The untouched nature you find here in the Aegean Sea. There are plenty of hiking trails, one waterfall path and meandering depopulated beaches, the island has hot springs and terma pools where you can care and nursing about themselves and feel like a part of the ancient body cheaters.

Fly to Alexandroupolis – Ferry from Alexandroupolis to Samothrace takes 3 hours.

10. Margaret island, Budapest, Hungary

Unique and Beautiful Island of Europe

Margaret Island is located in Budapest – namely the middle of the wide, beautiful blue Danube River, which winds through Budapest. The island is the winter shrouded in mist – but summer is the island as a green oasis in the middle of this modern city. Sea water line is edged by a 5 km paved trail where you can easily run or walk – and along the island’s coast is also piers from which you can sail or bathe. E-sentiment becomes even stronger when Margaret Island offers two thermal spas. Both cost less than 100 kr for a whole day. Once you have spoiled yourself to some spa pampering, then you can take a romantic walk up to the ruins of a convent from the 13th century. At sunset, enjoy an ice cream and watch the fountains dance to music. Stay right on the island: Danubias Grand Hotel Margritsziget.

Fly to Budapest – go over a bridge Margaret Island is a 5-minute walk from the District IV of Budapest.

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