7 Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

Sometimes we lie to people we’re close to, not because we don’t respect them, but because we try to protect them from the truth that can hurt them. However, there are several truths that you should always speak out about because keeping silent in such situations can lead to bigger problems.

We have analyzed recommendations made by psychologists and has come up with a list of unpleasant things that you should inform your close friends and family about under all circumstances.

07. Telling a person they smell bad

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

If a person smells bad, people around them will treat them with disgust, but none of them will tell this bad smelling person what’s wrong. A person may face this same issue for months or even years without even once suspecting those surrounding them don’t want to communicate with them.

If you feel that your loved one has bad breath or body odor, you should gently inform this person about the issue. It will give them a good chance to remedy the situation and get back in the good graces of the people around them.

06. Telling a person they’ve gained a lot of weight

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

If someone close to you has started to gain weight like mad, this may be due to an improper diet or illness. No matter what the reason is, this person may not be noticing it or is even neglecting the fact that they have become overweight.

You should neither laugh nor criticize a person about this issue. Nevertheless, it’s important to inform them about your observations. If you are afraid of sounding rude, you can bring up the problem by saying, “I think we both have started to gain weight, let’s try to figure out why it is happening together.”

05. Bringing up the fact that they’re spending too much money

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

Of course, it’s always up to an individual to decide how to spend the money they earn. However, apart from an individual’s rights, family members also have duties and responsibilities. For example, if a spouse keeps spending all their money on their own needs and wishes while their partner is against it, then this is a problem that should be discussed.

Psychologists recommend sharing financial duties and discussing all big purchases together. Unfortunately, keeping silent in this case can be one of the reasons for a future bankruptcy.

04. Saying that you don’t share the same interests anymore

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

Whether it’s a new friendship or a love affair, people often show an exaggerated interest in their partner’s hobbies, trying to become a part of it. This is quite natural.

But as you get closer, it’s better to gradually start opening up to your close friend and show your real preferences. Otherwise, there is a high chance you’ll live a life you’re unsatisfied with, paying attention to things you’re not at all interested in.

03. Revealing that you don’t want to have children

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

We all have different plans for our lives — and it’s okay if they don’t match up with the way our close friends and family members see our future. However, it would be fair to tell them about your life’s principles at the very beginning, as not to give them false hope.

If your parents keep insisting that you and your spouse have a baby but you’re not ready for a family yet, inform them about it. They may not accept it right away, but over time they will get used to your life choice. Also, if your spouse is planning to have children while you don’t have any intention of becoming a parent, it is only fair that you tell your beloved about it.

02. Telling your partner you don’t love them anymore

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

This is an important truth that you will have to reveal to your partner sooner or later. Of course, many people live in loveless relationships without building on their union or having mutual respect for each other. Perhaps you are in a similar situation at the moment.

But if you don’t want this kind of relationship in your life, you should tell your partner that your feelings have faded away. As long as you are hesitating about whether or not to inform your partner, you are wasting their time.

01. Talking about a serious illness

Unpleasant Truths You’re Better Off Revealing to Close Friends

When learning about a serious illness, many people try to hide this bitter truth from their loved ones until the very end. Of course, they don’t want to hurt their loved ones with this bad news, but according to experts that help thousands of sick people daily, family and close friends have the right to know the truth.

If patients are afraid of the reactions of their loved ones, they are recommended not to arrange family get-togethers, but to instead choose one relative or friend and share the information with them. Also, request that this person spread the information about the illness among other relatives and friends.

Which of these truths have you hidden from the people close to you? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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