40 Weird Looking Animals That Live in Africa

Amazing animals are found are found everywhere on Earth, but here in Africa, you will find the largest, the fastest and the weirdest animals on the planet.

There is over 1100 species of mammals and over 2600 species of birds that have made Africa their home. In this article, you will learn some pretty astounding facts about weird animals that live in Africa.

01. Aardvark

Aardvark is a mammal that lives in Africa. It has a long snout like pigs do. They use that to sniff for foods. They eat ants and termites by using their sharp claws and powerful legs. They also dig to make burrows and live there with their family.

02. Aardwolf

Aardwolf is a mammal that eats insects, mainly termites using their long and sticky tongue. They are somewhat related to hyenas. They are also more active at night. Aardwolf rests during the day and only seeks food when its night time.

03. Addra Gazelle

Addra Gazelle is an endangered animal that lives in the grassland, shrubland, open savanna and mountain plateus of Africa. These animals eat leaves, shoots, grasses and fruits. Unlike many other desert animals, Addra Gazelle is active during the day. They also tend to need more water compared to other animals in the desert.

04. African Wild Dog

fastest animal in the world

African Wild Dogs are the largest of its kind in Africa. They are endangered animals. They also lose their fur as they age. Their color is black with white and yellow patches. Some are brown in color. For food, African Wild Dogs usually hunt medium-sized antelopes.

05. Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared fox is a type of fox that has large ears. The Bat-eared fox commonly live in short grasslands as well as more dry parts of the savannah. They used to lie under Acacia tress for shade and dug dens as their shelter for extreme temperatures and winds. Bat-eared fox feeds on insects and uses its large ears to locate its prey.

06. Bongo

Bongo is an animal that feeds on plants. They live in African forests. They have auburn or chestnut coat with black and white markings, white-yellow stripes and long spiraled horns. Bongos are seldom seen in large groups. They are also more active at night. But occasionally, Bongos are also active during the day.

07. Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey is an Old World Monkey. Blue Monkeys are not noticeably blue in color, they are mainly gray or olive except for their face which is dark with a yellowish patch on the forehead. Their little hair on their face sometimes gives a blue appearance.

08. Bushbaby or Galago

Bushbaby, aka Galago is a small primate living Africa. They are active at night. Bushbabies have good night eye vision because of their large eyes. They also have strong hind limbs, acute hearing and long tails that help them in balancing. Their diet includes insects. They track these insects in the dark using their bat-like ears.

09. Bushpig

Bushpig lives in the forests and woodlands. They are member of the pig family and resemble domestic pigs. They have reddish brown to dark brown color with lighter mane. They walk with their tails down. Bushpigs eat roots, crops and new born lambs.

10. Cape Elephant Shrew

Cape Elephant Shrews are found in South Africa. Their natural habitats are rocky areas. They are small mammals that eat insects. These shrews also have scaly tails and long snout. They are also active during the day. But they are very seldom seen and difficult to trap.

11. Caracal

rare cats in the world

Caracal is a medium sized wild cat. Its name means “Black Ear”. They hunt for food during the night. They can also swim and catch fish. And even though they are small, they can also kill larger animals by biting the neck and suffocating its prey.

12. Civet

Amazing Animals in Asia

Civet is a small mammal that is more active at night. Most of them lives in tropical forests. African Civet, the most popular type of Civet, has It the source of a “musky scent” used in perfumery. Civets have appearance like a cat, but their muzzle is long and pointed.

13. Colobus Monkey

Colobus Monkey is also an Old World Monkey. Colobuses eat leaves, fruits, flowers and twigs. They live mostly on forests and wooded grasslands. Newborn Colobuses are completely white. While adult Colobuses are black and white in color.

14. Dik-dik

Dik-dik is a small antelope living in eastern and southern Africa. They can live for up to 10 years. Only male Dik-diks have horns. But female Dik-diks are larger than males. They also love to eat fruits, shoots and berries with little or no grass. Drinking is unnecessary for them because they get lots of water from their food.

15. Duiker

Weird & Endangered Land Animals

A Duiker is a small to medium sized brown antelope. They can be found in wooded areas. They eat leaves, fruits, seeds, shoots, buds and barks. There is not much information known about the Duikers as they are shy type animal that loves to hide.

16. Fennec Fox

Cute Animals

Fennec Fox is a small fox found in the Sahara region. These weird desert animals are more active during the night. The coat of Fennec Fox is fluffy and cream colored. They also have large ears that helps lose heat. Their hearing is very sensitive, they can hear underground movements. Fennec Fox mainly feed on birds, insects and small mammals.

17. Forest Hog

Forest Hogs are native to Africa. They mostly eat grasses and leaves. They have heavy hairs on their bodies that lessens as the animal ages. They are mostly black with deep orange color. Forest Hogs are also considered as more active at night. But during cold weather, they become more active during the day.

18. Fossa

funny looking animals

Fossa is a cat-like mammal that is found on Madagascar. They are born blind and toothless. Fossa can climb up and down the trees with its head first. It can also jump from tree to tree. They hunt for food both day and night. Their diet includes lizards, birds, primates and other animals.

19. Genet

Genets are cat-like animals with long, slender body. They have a tail which is almost as long as their head and body. Genets also have big ears and pointed muzzle. Their wet nose is necessary for smelling and touching. They feed on small animals, worms as well as fruits and plants.

20. Gerbil

Gerbils are social animals. They use their sense of smell to identify the members of their clan. They also enjoy being with humans and other Gerbils. They are indeed one of the most popular household pets. They are not aggressive and rarely bite.

21. Gerenuk or Waller’s Gazelle

funny looking animals

Gerenuk or Waller’s Gazelle is a tall, long necked type of antelope. When eating, these funny looking animals can reach high branches by standing on their rear legs and elongating their neck. They also do not drink water. They get enough water from the plants they eat. Because of this, they can survive in very dry places.

22. Giraffe

Amazing African Animals

Giraffe is an African mammal. It is considered as the tallest living land animal. It has extremely long neck and legs. They usually use their necks as weapon during combats. Their primary food is the acacia leaves. A Giraffe rests by lying with its body on top of its folded legs.

23. Grysbok

Grysbok is a type of African Antelope. They are reddish-brown in color with white streaks. They are small and shy. Grysbok look for food at night. And hide on tall grass and shrubs during the day. If they sense something unusual, they will quickly run away.

24. Hyenas (Striped)

Striped Hyenas are the smallest of the Hyena family. They only emerge when it’s totally dark. Before sunrise come, they quickly return to their lairs. Striped Hyenas also have short body and long legs. In some places, their body parts are considered magical. Their diet includes dead animals and bones.

25. Hyrax

weird desert animals

Hyraxes are small mammals. They feed on leaves and grass. Female Hyraxes give birth to up to four young Hyraxes after seven to eight months. They are closely related to Elephants. Because like Elephants, they also have tusks that grows continuously.

26. Klipspringer

Klipspringer is a small type of African Antelope. Their name literally means “rock jumper”. Both male and female Klipspringer have horns. They eat plants that grows on rocky or mountainous areas. They never need to drink water. The food they eat provide them with enough water to survive.

27. Lemur

Lemurs are unusual animals found in Madagascar. They are more active at night. Lemurs have different sizes. There are small ones as well as large ones. They also use their sense of smell in communication. They have poor sense of sight but they can see wider.

28. Madagascar Cockroach

Strange Madagascar Animals

Madagascar Cockroach is also known as the Hissing Cockroach. They are one of the largest type of cockroach. They are also usually found on rotting logs. Unlike other cockroaches, Madagascar Cockroach doesn’t have wings. But they are very good at climbing. And they feed mainly on vegetables.

29. Mandrill

Mandrills belong to the family of the Old World monkey. They are the world’s largest monkeys. They usually love in tropical rainforests. Their diet consists mainly of fruits and insects. Mandrills have very exotic colors. It is a combination of black, white, yellow, red, pink, blue, scarlet and purple.

30. Meerkats

weird desert animals

Meerkats live in Botswana and Namibia. They use their tails to balance when they are standing. They also use it for signaling. Like cats, their eyes are on the front of their faces. Meerkats also have claws used for digging and climbing. They primarily eat insects. But they also eat lizards, snakes, spiders, plants and fungi.

31. Mongoose

Weird Madagascar Animals

Mongooses mostly feed on insects, crabs, earthworms, birds, lizards and eggs. Others are known for fighting and killing poisonous snakes, particularly Cobra. This is because they are resistant to snake’s poison. Some types of Mongoose can learn simple tricks. They are sometimes kept as pets.

32. Monitor Lizard

strange desert animals

Monitor Lizard is a common name for several large type of lizards. They have long necks, limbs, claws and strong tails. Most of them eat birds, eggs, fish, small reptiles and small mammals. But some eat fruits and vegetables. Amazingly, some types of Monitor Lizards are intelligent and can even count.

33. Okapi

Weird animals

Okapi are related to Giraffes. They are the only living members of their family. They have long neck and large, flexible ears. Their color is chocolate to reddish-brown with white stripes on the legs. Okapi are primarily active at day. But they may also be active for a few hours at night. They usually eat leaves, grasses, fruits and fungi.

34. Pangolin

Ugly Animals

Pangolins are the only mammals that have scales. These scales serve as an armor. When threatened, they roll up into a ball. They are also mainly active at night. Their diet includes ants and termites. Pangolins use their long tongue and sense of smell to capture these insects.

35. Patas Monkey

Patas Monkey is also known as the Wadi Monkey or Hussar Monkey. They are the closest relative of Vervet Monkey. They are also the fastest runner among other monkeys. Male Patas are large the female Patas. They usually feed on insects, seeds and tubers.

36. Porcupine

Awesome Animals of North America

Porcupines have sharp spines that protect them. They are large, rounded and slow. They can live up to 27 years. They also feed on leaves, twigs, and green plants. Usually, they live on wooded areas and climb trees. Porcupines can also be eaten.

37. Suni

Suni is a very small type of antelope. They live in south-east Africa. They are usually reddish- brown. But their color is darker on the back than their sides and legs. They also have red nostrils. Suni can make barking and whistling sounds. And they usually feed on fruits, fungi, leaves and flowers. They never need to drink water.

38. Warthog

Amazing African Animals

Warthogs are wild pigs. They have a very distinct tusks. They are found on open and semi-open sub-Saharan region if Africa. They mainly eat plants and grasses. But sometimes, they eat small animals. They are covered in hairs. But they appear naked from a distance.

39. Wild Ass

Wild Ass is also known as African Wild Donkeys. They are member of the horse family. They live in the deserts and dry areas of Africa. They are light gray in color which fades to white on their sides and legs. They also have black stripes like Zebras. Wild Ass usually eat grasses, leaves and barks.

40. Xenopus

Xenopus is commonly known as the “clawed frog”. They are aquatic animals. They have flattened, egg-shaped body. Their skin is also slippery. Three of the toes on each of their foot has claws. Their eyes are on the top of their heads. Xenopus also don’t have moveable eyelids, tongues or eardrums.

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